Loosen and improve compacted soil

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A compacted soil is a sick soil. How to give him new life, you will find out here.

Soil with vegetables and potatoes

There is no ideal soil for the garden plants known to us. After all, the respective plants make their own claims to the ground.

A good plant habitat is usually characterized by a crumbly texture. In addition, it stores enough water, is well ventilated and contains enough nutrients. But we do not find such conditions everywhere. If we look only at the surface of the earth in our latitudes, we can see that it resembles a patchwork rag that has stony, dry and sandy or moist and loamy as well as clayey surfaces.

Compacted soil

A problem for the garden friend can be a compacted ground. For example, affected areas are those whose soil was exposed to immense pressure from construction machinery for a while. A common problem, especially when new plant a garden. Even more often it hits garden soils, which have a high clay or clay content. These store a lot of water and condense on the surface when a lot of running around on wet soil. To maintain soil health, it is therefore important to loosen the garden soil regularly.

What consequences can occur?
Densified soil carries the risk of gradually reducing yields in the garden. Causes are:

Earthworm on the ground.

Bad floor ventilation
Especially in garden soil with a high clay and clay content, the soil pores are gradually compressed, the soil ventilation decreases. But in order to convert the nutrients in the soil, the soil organisms need oxygen.

Habitat for soil animals is restricted.
On the one hand, the number of soil organisms decreases due to the lack of oxygen in the solidified soil, on the other hand, the habitat for soil animals is restricted. Earthworms that loosen up the soil, move to other areas when it becomes too difficult for them to dig through the compacted soil.

Roots do not form optimally
Many plants are only shallow roots due to soil compaction and are therefore prone to dryness. The result: low yields and growth.

Waterlogging can form
In the worst case, after prolonged rainfall in the compacted soil waterlogging can form. If the soil organisms then lack to implement the nutrients, moderating processes can begin.

Be sure to loosen compacted soil
Use the spade only temporarily
Heavy clayey or clay soils work best with silica sand and compost. Temporary digging is allowed. So you gradually make the ground more permeable.
However, if you find healthy humus in your garden soil, then avoid the digging, because otherwise the helpful soil organisms are killed. These loosen up the soil better than you could do it with a spade.

Do not dig up healthy soil
If you want to loosen up healthy soil, you can shake the earth a little bit with the grave fork or pull a cultivator (sow tooth) through the bed.

When loosening the soil, a green manure with Phacelia, Crimson clover or yellow mustard helps. In addition, in the hot summer, student flowers and nasturtium on harvested areas perform good soil loosening.

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