Cutting conifers - What to look out for

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Conifers grow super fast and are planted as a hedge a real eye-catcher. However, if you do not cut them regularly, you are risking wild growth that is less easy to tame.

Conifers also need to be cut

A good relationship with neighbors is important, but you should always have a little privacy. To ensure this, it is natural to plant a hedge. It is a natural border between two gardens and often much nicer to look at than a wall or a fence. It is only important that the hedge is planted by mutual agreement.

Most people choose conifers because they grow super fast, are very durable and look really good looking. But to keep it that way in the long term, you can not avoid cutting the hedge.

Coniferous cut - Important tips

1 Evergreen conifers such as the conifers (Thuja etc.) are usually cut only in spring or autumn. In spring, best between February and March, just before the shoot. In autumn, on the other hand, it is more likely to be on days with cloudy weather, as the exposed branches of the branches could dry out in the autumn sun.

2 Conifers get their real charm only through the bushy and dense growth habit. This should be present before you start hedge trimmer. If you work too hard when bleaching and pruning, the conifers will quickly look unsightly.

3 You should also be very careful with very young plants. These are very susceptible to diseases and fungi and can then no longer drive out at the interfaces.

4 When pruning, you should omit them tip, because the conifer grows otherwise only very irregularly.

5 Use only sharp tools when pruning, otherwise damage to the plant may occur.

6 If the cut is too strong, the plant will receive irreparable damage. Therefore, one should cut back only slightly each year.

Video Board: How To Prune Conifers.

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