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The botanical word "Coniferae" means "pin carrier". Conifers, however, became the collective term for all conifers, even if they do not carry cones. As far as trees are concerned, the crown difference with deciduous trees with their domed and spherical crowns is unmistakable.
Most of the conifers have an outstanding design: in regular, clearly structured levels and a precise pyramid shape. You can follow this structure to the top. But the needle color - and this makes the conifers so valuable - not only varies in all green nuances, it also contains the blue, gray and yellow tones that are so rare in the woody area. And finally: from the tree-high tree across broad bush groups down to the foot-high upholstery shrub, there is such a rich offer in this group of woods that every garden can profit from it.
The luck with conifers depends on whether they are offered the necessary living space, without constricting the garden. It is important that you do not plant them too close to the path they grow into. Even when using smaller conifers, caution is sometimes required. If the so-popular Chinese Juniper (Juniperus chinensis) is planted as a young plant on a staircase or in a corner between the terrace and the Plattenweg, one should bear in mind the vitality of this plant. In ten years he can be one and a half and in three years three to four meters high and five to six meters wide. And if you do not want to be disappointed with conifers, you should measure before planting with the ruler at the intended location, whether you can "afford" them spatially.
planting time
The best coniferous planting season has been the late summer (mid-August to late September). Then the soil is still warm, but the air is already mild and moist. In the less favorable spring planting season in April or May, the soil may still be cold, but the sun's rays may be too intense. The planting of evergreen conifers is only possible with the bagged in coarse Juteleinen or similar material soil ball, which supplies the suction roots and thus the needle plant of the plants without interruption with the vital moisture and the nutrients dissolved therein. Even after planting this cohesion must not be disturbed.
The fact that the evergreen trees, shrubs and hedges are not subjected to the winter cut like the pome fruit trees, goes without saying because of the associated risk of frost. However, if it happens gently and in late summer, cutting does not harm the conifers. In the spring and early summer, however, the freshly expelled young coniferous green is quite sensitive to all interventions of the scissors. It can then happen that the older branches, initially sun-protected, but suddenly exposed by the pruning, begin to turn yellow, because they succumb to the excessive influence of the ultraviolet light. Between the branches, the air is always slightly milder and wetter than the outside air. If you allow too much wind and sun to penetrate too soon, there is a slight need of tan, broken buds and bare spots.
The softwood hedges are sensitive and in need of care, is a widespread view. In practice, however, practice proves the opposite. Exquisite hedges can be pulled from the Japanese larch, for example. The blue-green needles are an interesting contrast to the brown-red wood. This woodland also gets along well with the city air and makes no claims, it grows everywhere, on every soil and in every situation. It tolerates the strong pruning down to the old wood and is always powerful. - Taxus baccata and Thuja occidentalis (yew and tree of life) are also suitable for use as hedge copses. On the other hand, you are usually disappointed with spruces in the hedge bandage.
In your own garden will hardly succeed if you want to draw seeds. Many things have to be done before the trees are ready for sowing. Above all, the seeds must be harvested at the right time, taking into account that the seeds of spruce and fir in the year of fertilization matures, juniper two, pine and cedar need even three years. Conifer seed germinates very slowly in most cases.

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