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Construction foam - Styrodurplatte

What is construction chemistry, you ask yourself?
These are all materials that are used in professional home construction and even in the hobby area and protect buildings from external influences or are used for renovations, renovations and modernization.
These include interior and exterior paints, wood preservatives, concreters in concrete work, adhesives of all kinds or sealants, just to give a rough overview of the materials.
We explain the application, costs and mode of operation in an understandable way and who knows, maybe even through us you will find an alternative to the traditional materials, which are more environmentally friendly and easier to use.

Construction chemistry from A-Z: chemistry

Remove PU foam - 11 agents against mounting foam

PU foam can be used very versatile. The more difficult is the distance. The hardened foam is very persistent and often left behind residues that you need to remove. You have different options for that.

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