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Maritime plants are best suited for a hot roof terrace or a normal, very sunny terrace. The first potted plants came mostly through imports from southern regions to us.
Due to lack of winter hardiness the exotic plants could not be planted out in the garden and thus got into moving vessels.
As a rule, these are species that grow at home as trees, shrubs or tall perennials, so only a larger vessel, ie a bucket, came into question.
Today, there are a huge number of different potted plants. They are distinguished according to growth or design forms, such as tree, shrub, climber, high trunk or traffic light plant.
Since most potted plants come from warm regions, they get along excellently with sun and hot locations. It is usually difficult only when hibernating. Most potted plants have to be overwintered frost-free and require special conditions.
Flowering potted plants
Ornamental lily, silk tree, pseudomona, whistling, bougainvillea, flame bush, cylinder cleaner, trumpet flower, Indian flower tube, true caper bush, bearded flower, spice bark, hammer shrub, rockrose, various citrus species, bell vine, coral shrub, figs, rose marshmallow, morning glory, guacamayas, crepe myrtle, lantana, real lavender, lions' pipe, South Sea myrtle, various lilies, honeysuckle, Chilean jasmine, ironwood tree, bridal myrtle, oleander, ornamental tobacco, olive tree, pandorea, passionflower, plumbago, podranea, shrubby cinquefoil, pomegranate, hawthorn, star winds, rose dress, vinegar tree, robinia, Roses (specially bred for buckets), willow, sesbania, blue potato tree, strelitzia, tibouchina, various fruit trees (mainly high trunks or column fruit)
aromatic plants
Lemon tree, orange flower, broom, autumn lilac
foliage plants
Various species of agave, aubergine, cottonwood, dwarf palm, canary date palm, club lily, eucalyptus, bamboo, palm leaf, (some of the plants are blooming, but very inconspicuous, they would not be bought for their flowers.) Other blooms only in their home countries, here only extremely rare.)
Herbs and vegetables
Borage, lemon balm, basil, marjoram, oregano, rosemary, garden sage, garden thyme, stalk mangold, sweet peppers, some types of tomatoes such as bush or balcony tomatoes ('balcony star', 'tumbler'), trellis, fruit or cherry tomatoes ('Gartenfreude', ' Sweet 100 ',' Bistro ') and pot tomatoes (' Tiny Tim ',' Phyra ') or' Eiertomaten '(' San Marzano ',' Roma ').
Many of the above-mentioned potted plants do not require much water, which makes them ideal plants for a hot roof terrace or terrace. Others, on the other hand, have to be watered daily, even several times a day in the heat of summer. Although they tolerate the heat, they require a lot of water for survival or flowering, especially in the growth phase. Those who do not have enough time to water should choose the plants that do not need a lot of water.

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