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The roses are initially available in plastic pots or "containers", which usually have only two to five liters of capacity. So that they can decorate your garden later, they must be planted accordingly in the soil.

There are some things to keep in mind, especially with these roses you can do a lot wrong. If you want to plant container roses, then you need a spade, rose fertilizer and potting soil.

So plant the container roses properly

  1. Before you start with the actual planting of the container roses, the pot in which the roses are located should be thoroughly watered.
  2. The best place to put the pot in a larger container, which is filled with water. The pot should be completely under water.
  3. Leave the pot in this position for a few minutes.

In the meantime you can choose the location for the container rose. Pay attention to the preferences of the plants. These prefer a partially shaded to sunny spot. In addition, the soil should be rich in nutrients. It is also ideal if the soil is a bit more profound.

  1. Once the right location is found, you can dig up the ground. Half a square meter should be enough for a plant.
  2. Then place a 35 x 35 centimeter planting hole. It should be noted that this should be much larger than the pot of the plant.
  3. Now the time has come: You can carefully remove the container rose from your pot and insert it into the soil. Care must be taken to ensure that the processing points are located about four centimeters below the surface of the earth.
  4. Then fill the hole with fresh soil and water the rose abundantly.

How to maintain the container roses

Do not leave the container roses in their pot too long, as this will cause the roots to begin to grow in a circle. This suppresses a strong root structure, which later has a negative effect on the development and the stability of the rose.

The correct care of a rose also includes fertilizing. This should be done next spring after planting. Because usually the container roses were already provided in the pot with a basic fertilizer. When the time comes for fertilization, you can simply use conventional rose fertilizer. You can buy these in any well-run gardening or DIY store.

As an alternative, it is advisable here Jauchen with a home-made herbal fertilizer or a stinging nettle, which would certainly be slightly cheaper, but in terms of effect the purchased product in no way inferior.

Alternatives to container roses

As an alternative to the rather expensive container roses (unless you buy them in discounters), root-bare roses are recommended. These roses are only available in autumn (October / November) and in spring (March / April). Container roses can be bought all year round and always plant even in frost-free weather.

Root-bare roses are taken out of the ground at the end of the summer, freed from any plant substrate and cut back severely. Then they go on sale. Buying and planting in the fall is better than in the spring. In the spring you get the roses that are left over from the autumn sale. They are stored in special cold stores until they can be resold. In autumn, the roses are fresh and much less stressed. In addition, the roses planted in the fall are well-grown and exude very well. Flowering and growth are usually better. The prices are usually the same, whether you buy the roses in the fall or in the spring.

Container roses have the advantage that they can be planted around the year. When buying you should quietly pull the rose out of the container. If she is very rooted, she has been in the container for a long time. That is not so good. However, if no roots are yet to be seen, it is only potted fresh. This is not so cheap, because then you do not know if she is strong and healthy.

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