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Pests are just uncomfortable subtenants. Nobody would like to have them living with you. Not all are harmful, but you still want to get rid of them.
In many cases, simple home remedies are enough. For ants, a mixture of lavender and olive oil, bracken, juniper leaves or lavender flowers helps. Lavender helps with moths. Cedar wood, camphor, boar and balsam. For mosquitoes, tomato leaves, walnut leaves and vinegar. For silverfish, you should place a board with syrup or pour a mixture of borax and sugar into the loopholes. These are just a few home remedies for controlling some pests. Vermin such as e.g. Voles in the garden can be driven by vibrations caused by electromagnetic waves. Or, if that is not enough, you can get commercial pesticides.
Although these remedies are very harmless, it is important to follow the instructions for use. If the pests exceed normal levels, you should definitely seek professional help. In order to combat larvae and hidden moths, here is the control measure of combined spray or mist treatment. All furniture, baseboards or other in the room are sprayed with the sprayer. Afterwards fine mist is sprayed into the room with the mist preparation. This fog breaks down after about 6 hours. This treatment should be done twice within 2 weeks. Before, all foods should be removed or well covered. You must not come in contact with the product. All doors and windows should be well closed, always switch off ventilation systems and smoke detectors.
In this action you may enter the room only with protective suit.

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Moth paper - How does it help against moths?

If the season changes, many are afraid of looking in the closet. Every year, moths attack the stored summer or winter wardrobe again. The beloved garments of wool, cashmere or mohair are eaten or perforated.

Fighting house pests: pests

Combat bird mites - x home remedies such as vinegar for chicken mites

For a full-grown chicken, avian mites are usually not fatal, however, the animals suffer from an infestation and this must therefore be fought. Above all, the red mite is repeatedly introduced by wild birds, such as sparrows in the chicken coop.

Fighting house pests: pests

Bird mites: avian mite infestation - what you can do

The world-wide resident red mite (Latin Dermanyssus gallinea) feeds on the blood of various bird species and can be found in both domestic and ornamental fowls as well as in wild birds. However, the parasite is not host-bound, but also infects other animals as well as humans.

Fighting house pests: moths

Woodworm in the roof truss - this is how you fight the pest

Woodworms not only leave unsightly damage to the wood, but can even lead to the collapse of whole wood structures. Learn here how to detect an infestation and what control methods there are!

Fighting house pests: pests

Recognize bed bugs - what do stings / bites and bugs look like?

Who likes to talk about bed bugs? But at the latest, if there is the slightest suspicion that some of these nocturnal bugs live with us under one roof, one should deal with them. But first the correct diagnosis must be made: Are they even bed bugs? How can one recognize them?

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Fighting bed bugs - all methods, means and costs

Bedbugs are not only disgusting, but also endanger their health. Anyone who is affected by bed bug infestation in their home is usually very hard to get rid of the parasites. What is important in the fight against bedbugs and how it can succeed, is here.

Fighting house pests: moths

Recognize flour moths properly, combat them effectively and prevent them

In the article you will learn how the "invasion of flour moths" once and for all loses its terror.

Home remedies for silverfish


In the article you will learn how the larvae come in your bed, why they will not be worms - and how to get rid of the whole thing forever.

Remove old wasp nest in winter - this is how you get rid of the nest

wasp's nest

Getting rid of the old wasp nest is not the problem anymore, getting rid of wasps and wasp nests forever sooner. But maybe you do not really want that anymore, if you've weighed up the arguments and effort listed in the article.

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