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The large lawn behind the house is previously used only for playing, also because a suitable privacy to neighboring properties is missing. The owners want to create an area for cozy hours in the garden and hide the unsightly wall.

Suggestion 1: Prairie Garden with hidden seat

Lawn is looked for in vain at the first proposed solution after the transformation: The entire area was transformed into a prairie garden with many tall perennials and ornamental grasses. In order to be able to admire it from the house, a large wooden deck was built there, which - together with the existing open outdoor fireplace in the building wall - can be used as a large outdoor living room. The terrace is adjoined by a sweeping gravel surface, which looks like a pond.

Prairie garden with hidden seat

Small groups of mosquito grasses control "flying insects" above the "water surface", while water actually gushes out of a large boulder

Via three stepping stones you reach the other side of the "pond" to a path that bifurcates shortly thereafter. On the right, he leads through the bed area to the existing play area with a large swing, left to a hidden additional seat in the back of the garden. High shrubs and ornamental grasses, as well as shrubs such as summer lilac, bridal spar and high pillar pear shield the neighbors' eyes and conceal adjacent buildings. In addition, on the left side of the property, a wooden fence with crossbars ensures a clear demarcation. With the same optics, the existing concrete wall is beautified, which only flashes in a few places behind the lush plantings.

Hidden seat

Well hidden behind tall perennials and grasses - and accessible via a narrow, winding path - lies a small gravel area, on which two comfortable deck chairs can be accommodated. Shadow donates an ash maple. The old concrete wall in the background was covered with wooden crossbars and now looks like a modern fence

The first flowers in the garden year bring the white Spiersträucher and the pear bulbs from April to May. In June, the first panicles appear on tightly upright riding grass. The garden experiences a veritable explosion in July, when summer lilacs, mosquito grass, marigold, vervain, manure and coneflower start to bloom, closely followed by miscanthus, blue lits and star cloud bulbs, which replenish in August. The summer bloomers last through into autumn and look good even in winter. It is only at the end of February that the shrubs and grasses are cut back so that they can drive out again in the spring.

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