Copper sulphate against algae

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Copper sulphate should not or only very sparingly be used for water treatment and algae control and for the sake of the environment. While it really helps to keep the pool water clean, it is unhealthy for the environment and many microorganisms.
The limit value for the introduction of pool water into wastewater is less than 1 mg / l. That is very little. In most pools it is much higher than given. Purely legally you can get a lot of trouble there. In extreme cases, all the pool water must be disposed of as hazardous waste.
Copper sulfate is harmful to the environment. It is also harmful to your health. It irritates the eyes and mucous membranes and is toxic to aquatic organisms. In waters, it can cause long-term damage. Copper sulphate is classified in the water hazard class 2, which confirms its toxicity.
Unfortunately, many pool owners do not care about the environment. It is important to them that their water can be kept clean with little effort. If you imagine everyone has a pool and would do that, then it would be over with our beautiful nature. You should act more responsible and not just think about yourself. Copper sulfate is also dangerous to humans. Copper is a heavy metal. They have the unpleasant property of accumulating in the body. You do not realize that right away, maybe only after many years. Do you really want to expose yourself and your children to it?
Chemical effect of copper sulfate
CUSO4 is the most important copper salt. Due to the good water solubility, it is well suited for pools. Dissolved copper sulphate can be recognized by a disgusting, metallic smell and taste.
In addition to pool water purification, copper sulfate is also used for other purposes:

  • In fertilizers
  • For the preservation of wood and animal bellows
  • As a crushing, caustic and tapeworm agent
  • As an antidote for phosphorus poisoning
  • For the production of pigments
  • As a fungicide and algaecide
  • For the production of galvanic baths
  • For metal coloring and engraving etching in the printing and photography
  • For the aftertreatment of dyeings in dyeing
Dangers due to copper sulfate
  • Copper is a heavy metal!
  • It causes black-brown spots on the pool film. Apart from the fact that this looks ugly, it also shortens their life.
  • Copper sulphate attacks plastic and metal parts of the filter technology in the pool!
  • Blonde hair can turn green, sometimes blue!
  • Swimwear may discolour!
  • Pool water should actually be disposed of via the treatment plant and not simply be drained!
  • Environmental hazard !!!
health hazard
  • Copper sulfate must not be swallowed!
  • It irritates eyes and skin!
  • Copper sulphate is toxic to aquatic organisms and can cause long-term damage to water bodies!
What should be considered when handling copper sulphate!
  • The remedy must not reach children's hands !!!
  • Medium and pack must be disposed of as hazardous waste !!!
  • The release into the environment must be prevented !!!
  • The dust must not be inhaled !!!
Copper sulfate is a great algae killer. The remedy helps against all types of algae. With copper sulfate alone, it is not done in the pool. For this purpose, it still needs to be disinfected (chlorine) and and and... Those who are afraid of it, better not get a pool. There are not many alternatives and those that are, are often not without or have side effects. When copper sulfate is low in dose, it is not that terribly dangerous. But it is by no means good for the environment, especially if the water is simply drained off and reaches the groundwater.

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