Plant coral shrubs - as cuttings or seedlings

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You can plant a coral shrub (Solanum pseudocapsicum) in two different ways: as a seedling or as a seedling that you have raised from seeds yourself.

Plant coral shrub

You want to get an exotic in the garden, the optically correct much, but not too much care needed? Then you are well advised with the coral shrub. He is a real eye-catcher in the garden with his feathered leaves and the big flowers and also quite modest. He really only needs a lot of sun and plenty of water. The most popular coral shrub varieties are e.g. Erythrina crista-galli, Erythrina caffra, Compacta and Erythrina caffra. They can all be easily planted. Either about cuttings or seeds.

Pull coral shrub from seeds

❶ Seeds for the coral shrub can be bought from the garden shop or obtained for free from an existing coral shrub. Your neighbors, who already own a coral shrub, will surely give you some seeds. Then simply loosen the three to four millimeter long kidney-shaped seeds from the ripe berries.

Important: Always wear gloves when removing them or wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. The berries of the coral shrub are poisonous.

Then let the seeds dry in a well-ventilated place in the house until next spring.

❷ In March, place the seeds in a commercially available culture dish with substrate, keeping a distance of at least one centimeter. Important: The coral shrub is a dark germ. The seeds only go up when covered with soil.

Then cover the tray with a cling film, place it in a warm, bright place away from direct sunlight and keep the substrate moderately moist. Remove the foil once a day for a few minutes for ventilation.

❸ After two weeks the seeds start to germinate and you can remove foil. Once the seedlings have reached a height of about 10 centimeters, they must be separated.

❹ After the icy saints you can repot the small coral shrubs in a large bucket and bring them to the balcony or the terrace.

Plant coral shrub as a cutting

❶ The clone of a coral shrub should be around 15 centimeters long and be harvested in early summer. To do this, cut the lower end diagonally and directly below one eye, the upper end straight and directly above one eye. Then remove all leaves from the lower half of the cuttings.

Nun Now put the lower half of the cuttings in a plant pot and place it in a warm and bright place.

Keep the substrate moist and cover the pot with a clear plastic bag to create a favorable climate. Additional advantage of the plastic bag: insects have no way to lay their eggs in the ground.

❸ When the plant starts to grow visibly, you can be sure that the rooting phase has been successful. Wait another two weeks and then transfer the coral shrub into a larger bucket.

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