Increase coral shrub - Seeds and cuttings work fine

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The coral shrub is an extremely popular houseplant because of its beauty. The great thing: he can easily reproduce. This works on seeds and cuttings.

You can harvest the seeds yourself

The coral shrub beautifies every sunny garden with its magnificent red flowers. The exotic tub plant also works well on the terrace. However, make more out of your extraordinary shrub and remove seeds or cuttings for propagation.

If you do not have your own coral shrub, look out for neighbors and the garden center - it's worth multiplying the fascinating shrub! But do not confuse it with the coral tree, which, although with its cherry-like fruits also looks very decorative, but belongs to a very different plant family.

Increase coral shrub via seeds

❶ From July to October the shrub blooms lush and enduring. After flowering, dark, elongated pods are formed in which the seeds are found. The individual seeds look like little kidney beans. These can then be harvested. You can also get germinable coral shrub seeds cheaply by mail order (for example here) or in the well-stocked garden center.

❷ You can sow all year round. The spring is especially suitable. Store the seeds until then cool, dry and dark.

❸ Before sowing in potting soil, carefully roast the peel of the seeds with fine sandpaper and soak the seeds in warm water for a few hours. But beware: coral shrub seeds are poisonous! So always wear gloves.

❹ Then lay the seeds on some substrate, thinly cover with soil and put the pot bright and warm. In addition, always keep the soil slightly moist. The seeds then germinate reliably within a few weeks. If the seedling shoots too fast (it looks tall, thin, and pale in this case), move the jar to a cooler place.

❺ You must repot vigorous young plants with multiple shoots and foliage. Container potting soil or a mixture of garden soil and compost is well suited. Then get used to the young shrub slowly to stay outdoors. The small coral shrub now needs a lot of water, because it grows fast. However, it can take up to four years to flower. Enjoy the beautiful leaves until then - or pull young coral shrubs from cuttings. Then it works faster with the flowering.

Increase coral shrub over cuttings

❶ From May to June is the best time for the cuttings propagation. For this you use either head cuttings without flower bud or shoot cuttings from the trunk near which there is still a piece of bark.

❷ The cuttings come in potting soil and must then be kept warm and moist.

❸ After a few weeks, the cuttings have formed roots. In addition, shoots also appear above ground. Now you can put the young plants in tubs and slowly move into the open. The new coral shrubs will bloom from the second year.

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