Coral shrub: 6 popular varieties presented for garden and terrace

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Who wants to get a real eye-catcher in the garden, should opt for a coral shrub. We will introduce you to the most beautiful varieties here.

Coral bushes are real eye-catchers

The coral shrub (botanical Erythrina) conquers itself as a container plant more often a place in the garden. No wonder, because the bush with the feathered leaves and the large, magnificent flowers is a real eye-catcher.

Coral shrubs are found in the wild in South and Central America, India and the Caribbean. Most varieties are not hardy and are quite sensitive to frost. In a bright and cool room, they can be easily overwintered. On a coral shrub or coral tree, you will have many years of joy when the beautiful flowers open in the summer. We would like to introduce you to the most beautiful varieties for garden and terrace here.

❶ The most common variety: Erythrina crista-galli with bright red, showy flowers

When talking about the coral shrub, the variety Erythrina crista-galli is usually meant. Erythrina is the botanical name and means "red" in the translation. The name suffix means "Hahnenkamm" and actually reminds of the striking jewelery of the cock. The flower clusters are 20 to 25 inches long and flaming red. The individual flowers are up to five inches wide.

❷ Erythrina corallodendron: Red flowers and coral-like seeds

The plant Erythrina corallodendron has large and tubular, salmon pink to red flowers. After flowering, stable and elongated seeds form, which look like coral. In the original homeland of Central America, the locals process the seeds into chains.

❸ Erythrina caffra: flower with bizarre flower form

From South Africa comes the variety Erythrina caffra. The flower shape is bizarre, the flower color orange, light red or reddish brown. The wood of the tree is soft and light - this characteristic is very much appreciated in the home of the bush. From the wood of Erythrina caffra arise e.g. Canoes. It is also suitable for carving musical instruments.

❹ The Indian coral tree: colors from white to light green to red

The Indian coral tree is called Erythrina variegata. With the addition "alba" the bush bears impressive white flowers. The sub-variety "Orientalis" has white flowers with yellow or light green veins. The sub-variety "Tropical Coral" surprises with red flowers.

❺ Winter hardy and colorful: the dwarf coral shrub

The dwarf coral shrub (Erythrina acanthocarpa) remains small. He is the only coral shrub hardy. Especially beautiful are the multicolored flowers. They ignite a true color fireworks. On the branches, the flowers sit in dense clumps. They are red with yellow-green tips.

❻ Compacta: the bushy coral shrub

Also small, but not hardy is the variety "Compacta". The shrub grows thick and bushy.


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