Repotting the coral shrub: step by step instructions

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Anyone who considers the coral shrub as a container plant should repot it annually so that it thrives. Our guide shows how to do this.

Coral bushes should be repotted once a year

Always spice your coral shrub at the end of hibernation. Thus, the roots have immediate fresh substrate and more space available in the beginning growth phase. The bucket should be slightly larger than the pot used in the previous year. Since repotting takes place annually, you do not have to make any big jumps here. Very important are holes in the bottom of the bucket, so that the water can drain away later unhindered.

This is how to properly plant your coral shrub

Ab Rinse roots and remove foul strands

Carefully pull the coral shrub out of the pot and touch it in the lower part of the plant. If the coral shrub is very tight, it is best to have a second person to help you hold the pot to the ground while you pull.

Next, rinse the root ball with lukewarm water. This dissolves old substrate and you get a better view of the individual root strands. Foul and dead strands should be removed with a disinfected, sharp knife. If you have to cut off a lot of diseased root system, you should cover the cuts with charcoal powder. With only a few strands removed, this is not necessary.

In Add drainage layer and substrate to the pot

The coral shrub tolerates no waterlogging. Therefore, you should create a drainage layer of gravel or expanded clay in the pot. So can not collect moisture in the pot. Then add potting soil enriched with ripe compost to this layer.

Pfl Plant coral shrub in the pot

Now place the root ball exactly in the middle of the pot and pick up the substrate evenly from all sides. Squeeze the substrate with your hands, making sure that a pouring rim remains at the top. If the pouring rim is missing, you are in constant trouble with overflowing water.

❹ Water and fertilize after repotting

Pour the coral bush vigorously after repotting. Also in the following time you must water the plant regularly and extensively. After repotting, you can do without fertilizer for a period of four to six weeks, as the fresh substrate contains enough nutrients.

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