Cork Spindle - Wing Spindle Shrub (Euonymus alatus)

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Photo: Chris Barton, CC BY-SA 3.0, Euonymus alatus - Corkscrew

Up to three meters high, the originating from East Asia cork spindle can be. The plant species, which belongs to the family of the spindle tree plants, grows quite slowly, but is the highlight in the garden because of its intense autumn coloration. In summer, the popular ornamental shrub, which has meanwhile found its way into many gardens, does not necessarily stand out. Its dark green, elliptical leaves, which leave in April, are not particularly noticeable. However, this is changing towards autumn. Then the wing-spindle shrub, which is called botanically Euonymus alatus, gets intensely glowing, red leaves - and is thus hardly to be overlooked. Incidentally, the perennial, perennial cork spindle shrub owes its name to its cork-like branches.

Care of Euonymus alatus

In principle, the cork spindle can be described as quite easy to maintain.
The spindle shrub likes sunny places, but can also be kept well in shady locations.
Permeable, not too dry soils that are acidic to alkaline and also nutrient-rich, are particularly suitable for planting the Euonymus alatus.

However, the cork spindle can withstand too much heat as much as lack of water. The choice of a suitable location as well as adequate irrigation are therefore important.

A pruning is quite unproblematic and is well tolerated. It is recommended to remove cross-growing desert in late winter.

Even the flat, dense root of the spindle shrub is quite insensitive to external influences.

The Euonymus alatus flowers from May to June. Numerous, green-yellow flowers adorn the shrub. In autumn, the capsule fruits show up. However, especially those who have small children should be aware that the seed of the spindle strain is poisonous.

If you want to turn your garden, especially towards the end of the year, into a colorful play of colors, you will get a special highlight with the autumnal red leaves of the winged spindle shrub.

Medium-sized container plants (40-60 cm) can be bought in stores, but also in numerous online garden shops for less than 20.00 euros.

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