Observe the correct sowing times for vegetables

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Vegetables from your own garden just taste better

The own vegetables, which plant their own salads in the garden, try it more and more hobby gardeners. Not only because vegetables are becoming more and more expensive on the market, but also because it simply tastes much better from its own garden. If you want to try it yourself, you should definitely consider the correct sowing time for vegetables.

Very early in the year you can start with carrots, salad, spinach and onions. March is the appropriate month for this. Where you can still sow these four vegetables until April or May.

Leeks turn out in April, and peas also like to get into the ground in the spring. Although tomatoes do not belong to the vegetables but to the nightshade family, nevertheless we want to call them here, because they appear most frequently in the German gardens: tomatoes should be sowed in April, at the latest in May.

May and June
May and June are reserved for beans, endive salad and kale.

Chinese cabbage will be available in July.

Radishes and spinach can be sown almost all year round.

Video Board: Bean Time-Lapse - 25 days | Soil cross section.

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