The cost of gardening - that's how much a garden architect costs

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The cost of gardening - that's how much a garden architect costs: gardening

Gardening without professional garden architects can be expensive. In a conceptless outdoor area costly failures, time-consuming rework and plenty of trouble are inevitable. Familiarize yourself with the costs of planning by a landscape gardener. Benefit from useful tips on how to significantly reduce the cost level.

Why is professional garden planning useful?

Sowing a lawn, pulling a fence, placing plants and setting up chairs does not make a dream garden. Although the well-read house gardener can do each of the works on their own, important aspects are under the table. Lawn has long ceased to be the ultimate in creative garden design, as tasteful and easy-care alternatives are better suited to the zeitgeist. If the architectural style of the fence and the house do not match, the result is a disharmony shaped by disharmony. The most beautiful shrubs, flowers and trees are picky and make species-specific demands on the location. With these and other criteria, a graduated landscape architect knows his way around. Under his professional guidance, you will save costly and time-consuming experiments when you re-create your garden.
Tip: Do not ask yourself the question: Can I afford professional gardening? - The better question is: Can I afford to approach the project without garden architects by my side?

What services does a garden architect provide?

In the garden architect hit two hearts. He has the intelligence of a technical-constructive engineer and the imagination of the creative artist. Likewise, the graduate engineer, who has a degree in engineering, does not lack empathy, because he gives the garden dreams of his customers a tangible form. On the basis of well-grounded background knowledge, even the dreary, empty exterior surface of the new building transforms into a picturesque oasis of well-being for the whole family. This masterpiece succeeds first and foremost because the certified garden architect is familiar with geological, botanical and design factors and does not disregard even sober aspects such as electricity or water connections. Last but not least, the professional garden planner always keeps an eye on the financial budget of his client and aims for the best possible, most cost-effective solution. The portfolio consists of the following services:
  • Terrain modeling including slopes, slopes, stairs and walls
  • Site-specific planting plan as the centerpiece of any garden architecture
  • Roadmap with adequate coverings, suitable for budget and garden theme
  • Conception of the enclosure in accordance with house and garden style
  • Lighting plan including all connections
  • Integration of small and large water worlds, from the pond over the swimming pool to the waterfall
  • Inclusion of sculptures, arches, water features and seats
These services are carried out in close cooperation with the client or garden owner in order to implement their wishes and ideas in such a way that they comply with the costs and budget. In practice, the process is based on a proven phased plan. After an on-site meeting with the help of the site plan, the garden architect prepares a preliminary design, followed by a detailed design and approval planning. This work culminates in a planting plan including a concrete quantity determination including price. For visualization, the client receives various detailed plans. If the order is placed, the garden architect takes over the construction management and compiles a documentation.

Fee arrangement gives planning security

Plan and create a garden

If the order volume of a garden planning is below € 20,000, a one-time intensive on-site consultation in many cases covers the entire planning requirement. This low-cost version for the use of a garden architect is especially in question when it comes to the design of the following projects:
  • Front yard of terraced or semi-detached house
  • Ground-level "towel garden"
  • Conventional terrace
  • Garden subregion
Experience has shown that a local appointment in the garden is sufficient for the required planning work. When the garden architect leaves after 2 to 4 hours, you have all the relevant information, including a professional sketch. In it are processed room layout, architecture as well as the design topic. The costs are calculated according to time expenditure with 25 to 30 euros per quarter hour plus travel expenses. Competent gardeners and landscapers are able to create the garden according to a design conceived by architects. Sparfüchse among the gardeners preferably hire a garden architect, who also operates a gardening and landscaping, also to carry out the construction and planting work.This has the advantage that if a minimum sum is exceeded for this work, the costs of the garden planning will be charged.

Tips for savings

As this review of the costs of gardening shows, time is money. Regardless of whether you are blessed with a green thumb or are at the beginning of your career as a home gardener. With simple measures, you can effectively influence the amount of the fee bill of your garden architect. This is how it works:
  • Send in advance by mail or email plans and pictures and discuss by phone
  • Formulate wishes and ideas in writing and send them to the garden architect before the appointment
  • Ensure that all decision-makers are on-site by appointment to avoid subsequent changes
You can exploit the greatest savings potential by soliciting and comparing offers from various garden planners. Send your inquiries also to planning offices, which consciously do without the designation Gartenarchitekt. In Germany, this professional and company name is reserved exclusively for proprietors who are members of a chamber of architects and pay 19.9 percent of the income into the Pension Fund of the Chamber of Architects.
This premise also applies to garden planners who, as graduate engineers, successfully complete their studies as landscape architects at universities or colleges. Numerous graduated garden architects remain chamber-free and refrain from the job title. You benefit as a customer in cash, because the whopping savings of nearly 20 percent billed garden and landscape planners mostly in their fees.

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