A cottage garden bed for replanting

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Farm garden flowerbed

Colorful and summery designed by grandmother: the cottage garden bed

Here it may be charming and informal! The cheerful flowerbed is reminiscent of grandmother's times. The proud reception committee on the garden fence form the high hollyhocks: in yellow and old rose their flower candles grow into the sky during the summer. The hemp-leaved marshmallow is a rather rare guest in the local gardens. Its natural growth contrasts beautifully with the impressive and robust Hollyhock breeds. The flower highlight of the bed is the month of July. Then the last blue flower stars of the mountain knapweed are opened, a wonderful early summer shrub with a long garden tradition. Also indispensable are the numerous yellow-white stars of the garden marguerite in the country house bed. She flourishes in July with the cherry-red yarrow and the sun-yellow girl's eye. All four are suitable for the vase cut. For the bed you choose a sunny place with normal garden soil.

Shopping List

planting plan

Planting plan (bed size: 3x3 meters)

1. Hollyhock 'Parkallee' (Alcea hybrid), long-lived variety, pale yellow with red eye, flowers from June-September, robust, up to 200 cm high, is grateful for a stay, 1 st.; 9 €
2. Yarrow 'Belle Epoque' (Achillea millefolium hybrid), cherry red, stable, extremely long flowering time, faded in July pink, 70 cm high, 7 pieces: 25 €
3. Hemp-leaved marshmallow (Althaea cannabina), grows filigree, loose flower composition, pink flowers with dark eyes, funnel-shaped, flowers from July-September. Solitaire tree, about 200 cm high, 1 piece; 4 €
4th Hollyhock 'Park Peace' (Alcea hybrid), half-filled flower in old rose, perennial flowering from June-September, 1 piece; 9 €
5. garden marguerite 'group pride' (Leucanthemum maximum hybrids), classic, upright and compact growing, stable, countless white, simple flowers perched on tight stems, 60 cm high, blooming from July, 7 pieces; 22 €
6. Mountain Knapweed (Centaurea montana), flowers of cornflower blue from May-end of June, native plant, about 50 cm high, 8 pieces; 23 €
7. Girl's Eye 'Early Sunrise' (Coreopsis grandiflora), large-flowered, honey-yellow, long flowering from June-November, half-filled, 50 cm high, 4 St.; 14 €
You can download the planting plan for the cottage garden bed as a PDF document here.

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