Attach the battens to the roof & align them at the correct distance

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Attach the battens to the roof & align them at the correct distance

If you want to do your own work in roofing, you have to do a lot of individual steps in a given order. This is possible, but you should first familiarize yourself with each of these steps, so that in case of doubt you can ask for advice before the work starts and you want to do it quickly.
Counter battens on the cold roof
A counter battens belongs to a double-shell, ventilated roof construction, the so-called cold roof. The purpose of the counter battens is that the moisture diffusing from the house through the ceiling does not hit the roof from below. Rather, it should be removed by a ventilation, which lies under the roof skin.
Therefore, only a vapor barrier is mounted inside, so the moisture that rises inside is transported away via the roof ventilation system. In the space created by the counter battens, the air can circulate. This roof shape is a little more complex in the Baua execution, but also has the advantage of keeping summer heat through the air better.
Typical construction of a cold roof

  • First come the rafters, which give the form to the roof truss running vertically. Between the rafters comes thermal insulation, above a formwork made of wooden boards. This is covered with a vapor-permeable film, above it comes the counter battens, which sits directly on the rafters. On the counter battens comes the cross battens or Lagerlattung, which then the
    Roof tile bears.
  • Under the rafters, so inward, a vapor barrier is attached, then comes the inner lining of plasterboard, for example, a wooden interior lining is possible.

Structure of the counter battens

  • The counter battens will be so
    applied vertically to the rafters. The aim is to ensure a distance of at least 2.4 centimeters between the roof and the roof.
  • A distance of this size is necessary, for example, to drain water that has penetrated through the roof structure, also the roof should be ventilated.
  • Accordingly, the counter battens must consist of slats of appropriate thickness, which dimensions are chosen exactly depends on your roof structure. One common measure is squared timbers of 30 x 50 millimeters. It is important to use impregnated woods, which ensure the appropriate weather resistance.
  • The counter battens are continuously attached to the rafters. They start down, flush with the heads of the rafters. For the counter battens, stainless nails are used, usually nails of 12 centimeters in length. However, this dimension also depends on your roof, perhaps you cover an old roof, in which the rafters had to be reinforced first, so that sufficient insulation could be introduced. The counter battens of one side stop at the ridge point of the rafters. The counter battens of the other side run over it. They are cut off in the flight of counter battens from the other side, so there is a uniform ridge point. You need this to determine the length of the roof and the distance between the battens.
  • On the counter battens are the roof battens, which carry the actual ceiling of the roof. Not specified by the rafters is the attachment of this battens, here it depends on the installation instructions of the roof tile manufacturer. Depending on the shape and size of Dachziehel other distances must be complied with.

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