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A country house is a larger residential building on the land, which serves as a dwelling house for only a single family, therefore contains only one apartment, but can still be constructed multi-storey.
These houses can be built in any individual size. Here an old traditional construction has been rediscovered. With today proven craftsmanship techniques and solid oak wood creates lasting quality and timeless elegance and an individual charm of stylish living in the country house.
Country house construction:
This construction is energy saving and a good basis for ecological components, e.g. Solar panels or rainwater harvesting systems, geothermal or pellet heating. They are made of sturdy oak. No impregnation or painting necessary. You have no load-bearing interior walls and the floor plan is freely selectable.
Many variable options are feasible. Dormers as towing or pitched dormers, multi-colored fillings for doors and windows, solid wood front door and wooden lattice windows. Inside, visible wooden ceilings are possible. Non-load-bearing interior walls are formed in drywall from plasterboard slats on both sides. As
Alternatively, these can also be bricked with bricks, sand-lime or clay bricks. One advantage is the relatively short construction phase. It is feasible from a construction period of 3 months. These houses are available both as extension houses as well as turnkey execution. By own contribution at the country house can be saved also here a lot.
If the client chooses the execution as a development house, this can take over the interior design itself and gives
The house has its own individual touch and it has the advantage, the expansion can be done at will. Suppliers often offer expansion packages that contain all the materials needed in the construction stage.
If the turnkey variant is chosen, the interior is made turnkey on site, i. complete electrical / sanitary installation, painting, carpeting etc. or it is delivered as prefabricated as possible. These houses are massive houses and no more expensive than solid buildings, are considered as massive buildings and therefore have a high value retention
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