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Even from rather inconspicuous and small courtyards you can create your own little paradise, a place of relaxation. With some tips and tricks for creating the inner courtyard and the right plants, you can create a beautiful oasis of peace.
The inner courtyard can be converted into a small sitting area. Here you should the garden furniture, so table and garden chairs, as well as the flowers always to the environment such. adjust the masonry. If you would like to design a typical courtyard as you know it from Tuscany, you can go back to red shades and buy the flowers and garden furniture covers accordingly.
Courtyard type: Tuscany
If you would like to design a typical courtyard as you know it from Tuscany, you can go back to red shades and buy the flowers and garden furniture covers accordingly.
Above all, the small furniture made of metal, which can usually be found under the name of bistro tables and chairs in the trade, provides a Mediterranean flair. A special variant are the mosaic tables, whose table top consists of many individual stones. In addition, a metal flower shelf can be set up, in which arrange some potted plants beautiful. There are also attractive climbing aids in various shapes and rose arches, which can be used as an entrance to the garden. To a mediterranean-designed courtyard, planters made of terracotta or other ceramics fit best. If you want to keep the plants outdoors in the winter, the pots made of Impruneta terracotta are the best choice because they are frost hardy. Typical plants that are commonly found in a Mediterranean garden are

  • olive trees
  • Lemon and orange trees
  • oleander
  • Bougainvillea
In general, the most diverse plants can be used in the courtyard. Tendrils that climb up the wall of the house and look splendid in summer with beautiful flowers - from "wild wine" to ivy.
Other climbing plants, which can green the walls of the courtyard, are
  • passionflower
  • Clematis
  • climbing roses
  • hop
  • Wisteria
and many others. In addition, the walls in the courtyard can also be used to grow trellises there. In this regard, for example, a grapevine would be interesting. Many climbing plants need a trellis or other climbing aid, but some form anchoring roots that hold onto the masonry. In the latter, the effort in planting is lower, but often they are difficult to remove without causing damage to the house wall.
Flower beds along the walls and walls
Very nice make themselves small mini-beds on the wall in which herbs grow.
So the herbs are quickly accessible from the kitchen. Mini-beds can also be equipped with flowers or green plants. If you put some onion flowers such as crocuses and daffodils in between, you will soon be provided with the necessary spring decorations. Particularly easy to care for all the shrubs that are planted only once and in every year bloom again.
Furthermore, one can plant small shrubs or trees such as conifers; but you should pay attention to the size, because they are too large in the courtyard no longer beautiful.
Even small potted plants such as young trumpeter trees or passion flowers fit well into the courtyard. However, one should note that the place is not overloaded. The courtyard also lives from some freedom, which is limited by the house walls.

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