Creating a cozy corner in the garden - Which style suits you?

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Lush furniture or rather a simple garden bench? No matter how you feel cosiness in the garden, there is the right model for every type.

Cozy garden bench - the classic

For some it is the balance to the office job, for the others just retreat oasis - the garden. But what all garden owners have in common is the extensive enjoyment of nature.

After vegetables have been harvested, weeds have been weeded and fruit picked, we are looking forward to a few minutes rest and relaxation. But how do you create a really cozy corner where you can just enjoy the peace and quiet?

Find the optimal place

It all depends on your local possibilities. Take a look around and choose a place that suits your needs. The tastes are different and everyone sees his cozy corner with different eyes.

Decide if it should be a shady spot, or rather the sunny corner. Make sure that your cookie is protected from the wind. If you want to use the new favorite place even in the rain, you have to measure whether a canopy can be attached. Once these points have been clarified, it's time to "decorate". The following tips offer for every taste and garden a cozy corner to relax and recharge your batteries.

Cozy garden bench - the classic

In order to create a restful place it does not need much. With a garden bench, you not only create multiple seats in a small space, but also a rustic-romantic atmosphere.

Whether you choose metal or wood is a matter of taste. In any case, make sure that your garden bench is winter and weatherproof (see If you plant the space behind and beside the garden bench, your relaxation corner gets even more comfortable.

Noble lounge furniture

Elegant lounge furniture

Pompous, noble and fine! If you are looking for elegance and do not want to miss out on it in the garden, you will be well served with bright lounge furniture. Most of these furniture but are very "bulky". So check to see if such a seating area fits into your garden before you buy.

It is very advantageous that you can play with colors in such a seating group. Depending on mood or occasion, loose draped pillows can be replaced. If there is a garden party going on, a mix of sunny yellow and mint green turns out to be very good. If you just want to read a good book or put your feet up, soft pastel shades will help you feel at ease.

Mediterranean flair

Mediterranean flair

The southern trend is not only prevailing in German homes, but also finds more and more in the garden his lover. Some shy away from the implementation, but it is precisely the simplicity that makes the Mediterranean flair.

A small seating area made of metal is enough to create a warm cosiness that will put you back to your last vacation. Wood has nothing to do with this style, but with terracotta you set Mediterranean accents. A flowerpot serves as a herbal bed and with garden figures made of solid plastic, which are inferior to those made of stone, draws a touch of antiquity in your garden (Otgera garden figure under 50 euros at Amazon).

Rustic garden corner

Rustiklae garden corner

With this idea for a cozy corner in the garden, wood lovers will get their money's worth. In particular, natural wood, such as sawn tree trunks, serve as a seat. For deco are old cartwheels and thick ropes to which hanging baskets can be attached.

With Grandma's old chest of drawers you put a wonderful splash of color in your garden, especially if you work on it yourself in the Shabby look. You can find instructions on However, I recommend outdoor furniture only if your seating area is also covered.

Living room atmosphere for outside

Living room atmosphere for outside

Lounging on the couch with a good glass of red wine, many people associate it with cosiness. Those who do not want to do without it in the garden, create a domestic living room atmosphere with a rattan seating group.

These furniture are sturdy yet cozy. Poly rattan is also weather-resistant, so preferable to natural rattan. The soft cushions make your garden corner look like a cuddly living area. However, this option is only recommended if you have enough space available.

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