Increase cranberries - How it works by lowering, cuttings and seeds

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Cranberries are becoming increasingly popular in local gardens. If you like, you can even multiply your plants and harvest even more delicious berries.

Multiply cranberries

Cranberries are popular plants in local gardens, because they are so easy to care for and therefore also suitable for beginners. In addition, cranberry bushes bear edible fruits, which especially pleases jam cooks and children. If you want to plant several shrubs in the garden, you do not have to buy several plants automatically. It is also possible to increase the house cranberries. There are several options available. Particularly popular cranberry varieties are e.g. Coral (Vaccinium vitis-idaea coral), Ore Mountain pearl (Vaccinium vitis-idaea Ore Mountain Pearl) and Red Pearl cranberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea Red Pearl).

Propagation with lowering

The best time to grow cranberries is autumn. Over the winter, the buried shoot can take root, so that it can be separated from the mother plant in the spring. To increase cranberries with a sinker, it is necessary that you have already used a vigorous plant in the bed. This should be at least a year old and have good, slightly stronger shoots. Before you start propagating, you should also remember that the cranberry can spread widely. If you have found a plant with a strong instinct, the work can begin.

❶ First a gutter is pulled in the ground with the spade. This does not have to be very deep. However, it should be long enough to bury the shoot almost completely in it.

❷ Now the shoot must be worked with a sharp knife or a razor blade. Slightly score it in several places so you can see the inside of the shoot.

❸ Now he is ready to go underground. Push the shoot into the prepared groove. Care should be taken here because the shoot must not be separated from the mother plant.

❹ Then you have to cover the shoot with earth and weigh with a stone, so that it does not jump back up. The tip of the shoot must protrude from the earth. Already a new cranberry shrub has been created.

Propagation with cuttings

Another way to increase cranberries is cuttings. This is probably the easiest way to raise many new cranberry bushes.

❶ During flowering, in May or June, you need to cut off small, strong shoots from the mother plant. These should not just bloom.

❷ After you have cut off the shoots, they remain in the shade for at least two hours. This is how the interfaces dry out, which is very important for propagation.

❸ Once the interfaces have dried, you can start augmenting. Get hold of small pots, in which you can use the shoots later. There are pots that can be put into the earth later and plastic pots. Depending on your preference, you can choose one of the two pot types. The pots are filled with potting soil and the shoots are pushed deep into the soil.

❹ Now store the shoots in a warm place and keep the soil moist at all times. The heat is a must, as the shoots can beat roots faster.

❺ By September or October, the shoots have developed enough root system to be set outside. After exposure, make sure the shrubs continue to get enough water to root in the ground.

Propagation by means of seeds

Propagation by seeds is probably the hardest method to grow cranberries. Therefore, this is usually not done by hobby gardeners. However, if you have a little experience in planting and growing garden plants, then this possibility of cranberry propagation is no problem.

The propagation by seeds should happen in the cold season, because cranberries are among the cold-germ plants. This means that the plant needs a cold stimulus to germinate. You can buy the seeds of the cranberry in the trade or from their own plants.

❶ First, prepare small pots with potting soil. Then push the seeds deep into the soil and keep them moist. Now the seeds have to stay in this potty for four weeks. They should be kept at temperatures between 18 and 22 degrees. This time is very important for the seeds, as they take about four weeks to soften. The hard seed coat then dissolves slowly. This process is important to guarantee germination later.

❷ Now comes the cold. The seeds, still in the potty, should now be kept at -4 to + 4 degrees. It is good if the pots are covered by snow at this time, because the seeds get the cold stimulus, but also enough water.Alternatively, you can keep the seed pots in the fridge. This phase lasts about 6 weeks.

❸ If the seeds get cold, you will need to get them back to warmer temperatures gradually. Now the germination should begin. This phase is very different in time. Once the germination has taken place, you will see small green leaves and a tender shoot will emerge from the potty.

❹ In May, the plants are ready to be exposed. These should be cut right away so that only the strong shoots are exposed. Reading tip: Plant cranberries.


If you want to multiply cranberries, you have several options. No matter which method you choose, cranberries are quite easy to replicate. Since the plants are very undemanding, they can easily breed even beginners. All you have to do is make sure that the plants get enough water and are placed in a semi-sunny place.

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