Crazy World - biosphere and mini-ecosystem for the home

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The world in miniature is the dream of many amateur biologists. Reconstructing the geological biosphere so that it fits in a glass of water is already possible in many cases today. You do not need specific expertise for this, because in most cases the necessary background knowledge is provided with basic sets.
Crazy World - biosphere and mini-ecosystems for the home can come in various forms. For example, it is possible to channel oxygen into an aquarium through a mini-ecosystem. But the replica of a greenhouse with very simple means is possible. The tasks and achievements of nature become visible through the observation of a closed ecosystem. Nowhere else can one better observe an ecological cycle or better understand regulation within nature.
How can you build a mini ecosystem?
With a simple glass, some topsoil, a plant and a lid of cling film you can easily recreate a small biosphere. Of course, one has to make sure that the environment is as similar as possible to that on earth. But then it is no problem to grow even tropical plants in a small, self-made greenhouse. Nature really offers a crazy world - Biosphere and mini-ecosystem for the home allows every nature lover to perfectly understand the evolution and life on earth in a small way.
What does a mini ecosystem have to include?
Home mini-ecosystems are based on the biosphere of the earth. Accordingly, one needs an earth crust, a surface of the earth as well as oxygen and humidity. Living things, as they occur on earth, can already be found in mother soil. However, it makes much more sense to integrate small algae or grasses into the ecosystem. You can already see a growth that is very similar to that on Earth.
Surely it is not possible to perfectly copy the Earth's ecosystem. This requires factors that can not be simulated artificially in your own living room. So you can not reproduce tides, but the different positions of the sun and temperature differences can be easily simulated in your own four walls. It is also important here to ensure that nature in the glass always remains in balance and can maintain its balance.
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The environment for such a crazy world must be perfectly attuned to the needs of the plants and microorganisms living in this biosphere. This also means that you ensure that the temperature and humidity according to the plants and organisms is respected. Creating a small eco-system at home involves close observation and knowledge of the needs of plants and living things. Only under the right conditions can an ecosystem work - on the ground as well as on a small scale at home.
It's really a crazy world - home biosphere and mini-ecosystems are bringing the functions of nature closer to adults and children. In a vivid way it is shown here what one rarely observes in nature itself.

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