Create, design and plant knot garden - the first steps

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A knot garden is a bed of cut box trees that are created in special shapes. The Knotengarten was quite fashionable in the 16th century in Europe.
They are especially popular in England and Holland. You rarely see them in Germany, and the knot garden is easy to create, design and plant, making for a real highlight in the garden or front yard.

Create, design and plant knot garden - the first steps

The first step is to consider where the knot garden should be created. Basically every location in the garden can be taken. However, if you want to create a special ornament, there should be enough space.
In order to achieve a uniform and straightforward structure, it should be potted plants of three years old.
However, if the knot garden is to decorate the garden only for a limited time, low grasses or shrubs are best suited. In any case, you need a sketch on paper that should be as accurate as possible to get a first idea of ​​what the knot garden will look like later.
Ideas on how to design the Knotengarten can be found on the internet and on the other hand in the corresponding specialist literature.
Creating, shaping and planting the knot garden - the next steps
Since in most cases the knot garden should please the eye for as long as possible, it is important that the soil is well prepared. The soil is first loosened with the spade and a lot of compost underlined.
When this has been done, the area is provided with lines by strings, into which then e.g. with a stick, the future pattern is scratched. This is the easiest way to translate the sketch into reality.
If the sketch is perfect, the grid can be removed. In the tracks now small trenches are excavated and then used there the plants. Care should be taken to ensure that the individual plants are as close as possible to each other and pressed vigorously with the hands.
If all the plants are used according to the pattern, you have to water them properly and you can see their artwork well.

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