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Your own garden is an enrichment for many people. Here you are your own master and can develop freely in terms of design. In addition, a private garden is a kind of balance to the often too hectic everyday life - you can work out or relax after work and relax. In order to be really comfortable in your garden, you have to design it first.
How to plan the new garden?
Of course you can not start right away, but first you have to become aware of how the garden should be used later. Should it rather be a quiet oasis between a sea of ​​flowers or do you prefer a pure vegetable garden? Should it be a mixture of both, or should the garden even serve as a playground for the children? Only when you are aware of this, you can start planning.
Re-create the garden as a kitchen garden
The main aim of this new plant is to later reap the rewards of its work in the form of fruit and vegetables. Here are the most diverse plants, such as peppers, potatoes, tomatoes and various berry bushes available. In such a garden, of course, the herbs should not be missing. Here a raised bed or a herbal spiral would be a good idea, which not only meant a huge benefit for you, but also serves as an eye-catcher in the garden. Perhaps you use the herbs to set up a Mediterranean corner in your garden where you can relax after work?
A garden with a play area
If you have children or grandchildren, then of course the play area must not be missing. A beautiful lawn with integrated play equipment - sandbox, slide and swing, of course, can not be missing here. If you are talented in craftsmanship, you can even build and design the play equipment yourself - so the play area fits perfectly into the garden picture.
How to lend a hand - the privacy screen
If you want to be calm and protect yourself from prying eyes, then you should always include a privacy screen in your plan. These are available in wood or plastic in any major hardware store. As an alternative, you can also create a hedge, but this will take a few years until the hedge has reached the desired height and provides sufficient privacy.
In terms of hedge, there are many possibilities. You could create a flowering hedge of different shrubs, such as lilac, summer jasmine or forsythia. However, it should be noted that you have to plan enough space for the hedge and cut them regularly.
Walkways and lighting
In a new garden usually lacks everything. There are no paths, no terrace - not to mention the lighting. Especially with the latter one should think carefully, where to put them. You need light above the seating area and ideally also as path lighting. Here are various options and variants open. You could opt for a streamless version or you lay appropriate power cables. The latter is an advantage anyway, because in the garden you will need different power sources anyway, which you need for your garden tools, for example.
Create trees in the garden
Trees always look good in a garden. They are beautiful to look at and at the same time serve as shade donors. Therefore, you should consider carefully where you put the trees in the ground and what trees you want to create in your garden. Should it be preferably nail trees or rather a solid church tree?
Re-create the garden
If you either lack the time or the ideas for the redesign of the garden, then you can also give this into the hands of a professional. There are many companies that are redesigning the garden - and for a small price as well.
More tips:
When creating a new one, always pay attention to which parts of the garden are sunny for how long, where there are shadows, which given structures will give the garden its future image. The sunny spots in the garden are ideal for perennial beds, vegetable and herb gardens, or for a pond.
In the semi-shade one can very well create a rock garden, or a rosary and the shady places are very well suited for resting places in the garden. For a new planting of beds, the soil must be deeply loosened, preferably with a grave fork. Weeds and their roots must be removed completely from the soil. Ideally, in the fall you can work in the soil directly when digging generously stale manure. In the spring you can plant the prepared beds, and the plants benefit from the good fertilization. When planting it is important to remember that the plants will grow. Not only in height but also in width. Therefore always keep enough planting distance.

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