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If you are looking for an extraordinary piece of jewelry for your garden, then a lawn sofa is just the thing. Lawn furniture is actually only known from garden shows. It is not that difficult to "sow" a green piece of furniture yourself. Our reader Heiko Reinert has tried it and the result is impressive.

Step by step: How to build a lawn sofa

For the lawn sofa you need the following material:

  • 1 steel mesh mat, size 1.05 mx 6 m, fan size 15 x 15 cm
  • 1 roll of hare wire, width about 50 cm
  • Pond foil railway, around 0.5 x 6 m in size
  • strong binding wire
  • Topsoil for filling, a total of about 4 cubic meters
  • 120 l potting soil
  • 4 kg grass seed

Total cost: around 80 €

steel mat

Wrap lower part and backrest with hare wire

Tie together a steel mat and bend into shape (left) and wrap the construction with hare wire and fasten (right)

The steel mat is tied together with wire, bent into kidney-shaped pairs and fixed with tensioned wires. Then remove the bottom crossbar and insert the protruding rod ends into the ground. The front of the backrest is separated from the base, bent in shape and also fixed with wire. Then you wrap the lower part and backrest with hare wire and fasten it in several places on the steel structure.

Fill construction with soil

Apply mixture of grass seeds and soil

Pond foil holds the soil together when filling (left). Then a mixture of grass seed and soil is applied (right)

So that the earth does not trickle through the wire during filling, a pond foil strip is laid around the hare wire. Then you can fill in the moist topsoil and pound it. For two days, the lawn sofa has to be watered again and again so that the floor can sink. Then compress again and then remove the pond liner. In the case of the backrest, follow the same procedure. Mix four kilos of lawn seeds, 120 liters of potting soil and some water in the concrete mixer into a kind of plaster and apply by hand. The first few days you should water the lawn sofa carefully. Sowing the lawn does not make much sense as the seeds do not hold vertically.

lawn sofa

Lawn sofa serves as a seat

After a few weeks, the lawn sofa greens and may now be used

After a few weeks, the sofa is already beautiful green. The grass is cut once a week with a pair of scissors (not too short!) And watered in the event of dryness with a hand shower. After the green sofa is ready, it may be used. Heiko Reinert served it as a seat at the next children's birthday party. With a fluffy blanket, it was the favorite place of the little guests.

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