Creative idea: egg flower vase made of tissue paper

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Everyone can buy flower vases, but with a self-made flower vase made of tissue paper, you can individually stage your floral decoration at Easter. Paper and paste can be used to make interesting cardboard objects. This is always a basic form using wallpaper paste in several layers with paper coated. This technique provides the ability to quickly create large shapes. We'll show you how to use this technique to make an egg-shaped vase yourself.

You need this for the flower vase in egg shape

Material for a flower vase made of tissue paper

Material for a flower vase made of tissue paper

  • wallpaper paste
  • white tissue paper
  • balloon
  • Disposable gloves
  • bowl
  • water
  • Scissors, brush
  • Craft paint for coloring
  • stable glass as a vase insert

Step by step: Making a flower vase from tissue paper yourself

Glue balloon to paper

Let sticky balloons dry overnight

Cover the balloon with paper (left) and let it dry overnight (right)

First, cut the tissue paper into narrow strips. Mix the wallpaper paste according to manufacturer's instructions in a bowl with water. It is ready to use after 20 minutes. Then inflate a balloon and knot in the desired size. Spread the paper strips with glue and glue it all around the balloon, so that finally only the knot looks out. Now the balloon has to dry overnight. The thicker the paper has been applied, the longer it will take you to tinker. To dry, place the balloon on a glass or hang it on a drying rack at the knot, for example.

Cut the knot

Cut out the vase edge

Remove the balloon (left) and cut out the vase (right)

Once all layers of paper have dried, the balloon can be cut open at the knot. The balloon cover slowly separates from the dry paper layer. Use scissors to carefully cut out the vase and remove the remaining balloon. Press the paper sheet lightly on the table top, so that a flat floor space is created at the bottom. Finally, put a glass of water in the vase and fill with flowers.

Paint balloon vase

With paint, the vase can be painted colorful. Colorless spray paint gives the surface a silky shine. The work of art can also be decorated with napkin motifs

Handicrafts with papier-mâché

Also papier mâché is very suitable for modeling. For this purpose, pieces of paper torn into pieces and paste are mixed into a tough paste. In ancient Egypt mummie masks were made from papier-mâché. In Europe, it has been used since the 15th century. For example, made of papier-mâché toys, anatomical models or figures for churches. It even found use in interior decoration. For a higher stability and a firmer state, additional chalk was incorporated into the mass. A famous example of the use of papier-mâché is Ludwigslust Castle in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Ceiling rosettes, sculptures, watch cases and even candlesticks are made of paper and paste.


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