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With home-made dumplings you will not only help the birds in winter. Due to the significant decrease in insects it has become increasingly difficult for the parent birds to raise their offspring for several years. The distances they travel to find food for the young birds are getting bigger. For themselves they are then grateful for energetic feed in the form of tit dumplings, sunflower seeds or unsalted peanuts. These are popular all year round, especially with the blue tits.

Material for the production of dumplings

Material and tool for making dumplings

That's what you need to make Meisenkn├Âdel:

Grain mixture for winter feeding, coconut rope, cling film, clay flower pots (diameter 9 to 12 centimeters), beef tallow or vegetable fat (the latter smells less severe when heated), spruce or fir branch, saucepan, wooden and / or tablespoon, household scissors, binding wire.

Step by step: make the dumplings yourself

Lay flowerpot with cling film

Pull the coconut rope through the flower pot

Lay the flower pot with cling film (left) and thread the coconut rope through the drain hole (right)

Lay out the flower pot with cling film and pierce a hole over the exhaust hole. Now, a piece of coconut rope about 60 centimeters long is pulled from the inside through the foil and the drainage hole until the lower end hangs out about 15 centimeters out of the pot.

Heat vegetable fat in a pot

Stir grain mixture into vegetable fat

Heat the vegetable fat and stir in the mixture (left). Put the viscous mass in the flowerpot (right)

In a saucepan, warm the fat with as little heat as possible. Once it is liquid, remove the pot from the heat and add so much of the grain mixture that it is just covered by the fat. The mixture is then stirred with a spoon until all grains are well wetted and the whole has reached a viscous consistency. Now fill the prepared flower pot to the rim with the grain-fat mixture. Make sure the coconut is in the middle.

Allow vegetable fat to harden with grain mixture

Remove the cling film from the dumpling

Allow vegetable fat to harden with the grain mixture (left) and remove the cling film (right)

The finished corn dumpling should harden for a few hours in the refrigerator. Then he is taken out of the pot. Remove the cling film now as well.

Decorate titmice dumplings

Hang the dumplings cat-proof

Decorate titmouse dumplings (left) and hang cat-safe (right)

As a decoration and additional seating for the feathered friends, you can still attach a small spruce or fir branch with binding wire to the coconut knit. Finally, the dumpling with the coconut rope in cat-safe height attached to a branch - the buffet is open!

Buy quality food

Who buys ready bird food, should pay attention to the quality. Buy quality food without nutrient-poor fillers, which usually remain lying. In the trade, in addition to various sized dumplings with and without net fat and oil-containing energy blocks, enriched with seeds, insects or fruits. They are very popular with titmice, robins, finches, nuthatches and woodpeckers. The retailer also offers peanuts (unsalted and aflatoxin-free - a real magnet!) And different varieties of sunflower seed: black (oily), peeled (faster edible, leave no shells) and geschrotete (for small birds). Stray butter is enriched for soft food eaters such as robins or blackbirds with raisins or mealworms. They are also happy about rolled oat flakes in sunflower oil. The more diversified the food supply, the more different species can be observed at your feeding place.

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