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In natural gardens is often on a bedding borderwaived. The beds border directly on the lawn and overhanging shrubs hide the transition from the flowers to green carpet. So that the lawn does not conquer the beds, you have to cut off the lawn edge regularly. Easier and easier to care for is to give the beds a solid frame from the beginning, which reliably separates them from the lawn.

You want to have a morning time and desire to create a bed enclosure yourself? We will show you how to make a decorative square frame made of square wood. Tip: Since you only need a short amount for the edge of the bed, it is often worthwhile to specifically ask for it in the wood shop - the blending is generally much cheaper than longer squared timbers. With the right tool, the enclosure also succeeds less gifted hobby gardeners. To cut the edge of the lawn along the edge of the bed, it is best to reach for the grass trimmer.

Materials and tools for the wooden bed frame

  • several square softwood beams or equivalent waste wood
  • transparent glaze (for wood outdoors)
  • Workbench
  • Cordless jigsaw
  • abrasive paper
  • Paint sprayer or brush
  • Spade, hand shovel
  • rubber hammer
  • gravel

Step by step to the wooden bed frame

Sawing timbers

Squares glaze

Squaring sawdust (left) and then glaze (right)

The wooden beams are first brought to the desired lengths with a jigsaw or a circular saw. So that nothing slips, you clamp the beam before sawing firmly into a workbench. Repeat this step until you have enough squared timbers to surround your bedding section. The woods can all be the same length or, as in our example, deliberately different in length.
To protect the wood from moisture and other harmful weather conditions, they are first sanded with sandpaper and then painted with water-repellent glaze. You can choose from different shades, all of which let the original wood shine through. The glaze is applied quickly and evenly with a special paint sprayer. Let the wood dry well, if necessary overnight.

Fill gravel for the drainage

Beeteinfassung with squared timbers

Fill in the gravel for the drainage (left) and insert the squared timbers for the bed surround (right)

Lift a well-deep trench along the flower bed. Regarding the width, take the dimensions of the woods. To extend the life of the palisades, it is advisable to drain a ten-centimeter-thick layer of gravel down into the trench before the timbers are strung together. Line up the individual pieces of wood seamlessly to the bed frame. So that they stand straight and firm, each piece of wood is driven with a rubber hammer a piece into the gravel layer. Afterwards, fill soil from both sides and compact it thoroughly. Tip: The palisades are the most stable if you fill and compact earth-moist concrete on both sides. There are quick-setting ready mixes in the hardware store, which only have to be mixed with water.

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