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Natural-looking decorations are very much in vogue. The best crafting material can often be found in the garden. Ring the spring with a decorative nest of woodland vines and crocuses. The long and pliable tendrils of the clematis are an ideal material for our spring nest.

The climber is also called clematis and is often found not only in the home garden, but also in the woods. The "forest harvest" may require some physical effort, if you want to have nice long tendrils. The effort is worthwhile, because as a decorative material, the flexible clematis is unbeatable. With this natural material, you can make beautiful decorations all year round.

Crafting instructions: Forest Vine Nest

In this nest of clematis, crocuses flower properly. For this you need:

  • Tendrils of the clematis
  • binding wire
  • Drilling Tools
  • Container for the crocuses (for example a bowl filled with water)
  • crocuses
  • freshly driven willow branches

Make rings from forest vines

Slide rings of forest vines into each other

Make rings of clematis (left) and then slide them into one another (right)

From the tendrils of the clematis, you first make five roughly equal rings. For closing is normal binding wire, it is even faster when you have a drill to hand. Slide the rings into each other to form a nest-like framework. On one side should be a large opening, the opposite side will later provide the floor.

Wire bark

Weaving forest vine tendrils

Wire rings at cross points (left) and weave the forest vine tendrils into the skeleton (right)

Wire the rings at the crossing points. This ensures the necessary stability later. Subsequently, thinner forest vine tendrils are woven into the framework, so that a dense nest gradually forms.

Insert crocuses

Weave branch

Finally, insert the crocuses (left) and weave a willow branch (right)

Put the crocuses and container (for example a bowl filled with water or a suitable pot with soil) into the finished nest. If the vessel is visible, cover it with some moss or hay. For fresh green provides a straight expelled willow branch. It is woven around the edge of the nest. The nest of clematis with a container inside serves as a natural vase for flowers. When the crocuses have withered, other spring bloomers will find their place.

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