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The Advent season is just around the corner. Cookies are baked, the house festively decorated and lit. With deco the cloudy weather is a bit less gray and the Advent atmosphere can come. For many, crafting atmospheric Advent decorations is a solid tradition and one of the pre-Christmas preparations.

With this mini Christmas tree as Advent decoration you set an atmospheric and shining accent. He is fast made and looks great. The florists of the garden center in the Europa-Park in Rust show step by step how to do it.

Step by step to the mini-Christmas tree

Cut coniferous branches

Step 1: Cut conifer branches to the desired length

First cut coniferous branches to length using pruning shears. The branches should be about 5 to 8 inches long. The florists of the European Park have used twigs of cypress and Nordmann fir for their miniature Christmas tree. But there are also other conifers for crafts

Tie the branches with wire

Step 2: Line a wooden bowl with floral foam and insert a wooden stick. Starting from the top, attach several branches to the rod with wire

Dress a beautiful wooden bowl with floral foam and insert a wooden stick (which you should fix with hot glue if necessary). Now bind several branches from the top with wire on the rod. Repeat this process continuously until you have a nice miniature Christmas tree. In addition, florist Annette puts spoonfuls of twigs in the bottom of the plug to prevent them from being seen later.

Wrap twigs with different decorations

Step 3: The mini Christmas tree is wrapped in golden felt and decorative threads

Wrap golden felt and decorative threads around the mini-tree. Then you can decorate it with other deco of your choice, for example, with small Christmas tree balls and wooden and Anissternen.

Finished miniature Christmas tree as Advent decoration

The finished mini Christmas tree as an Advent decoration can be seen

The finished mini Christmas tree is a beautiful and festive Advent decoration that sets a nice accent anywhere in the house. And creativity knows no bounds when it comes to design, because the tree can be decorated in different colors and with different materials according to taste. Have fun when tinkering!

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