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Even if you do not own a garden, you do not have to do without your own strawberries - you can simply hang this plant bag on the wall. Plant it best with so-called strawberry strawberries, which provide fresh fruit from June to October. Unlike garden strawberries, any offshoots are not removed, as new flowers and fruits form on them. Incidentally, strong-growing varieties are also marketed as so-called "climbing strawberries". However, the long tendrils do not climb by themselves, but have to be tied by hand to the trellis. If yields decline after two to three years, you should replace the strawberries with new ones. Important: When doing so, also replace the soil completely because strawberries are susceptible to soil fatigue.

Imitation Imitation: A planting bag for strawberries

You need a 70 by 250 centimeter large cover of ribbon fabric in the thickness of 200 grams per square meter, four meters of hemp cord, potting soil and six immigrant strawberries (eg the variety 'Seascape').

Material for the plant bag

This is what the ready-sewn plant bag looks like

Use the sewing machine and a denim needle to sew a plant bag about 60 by 120 centimeters in size. To do this, fold the fabric piece so that the back is slightly longer than the front. Now both long edges are sewn together with a fixed thread and then each turned five centimeters wide inwards. On the inside you fix all layers with a straight longitudinal seam, so that a hose-like seam is created. Now pull the cord through the hem on both sides and knot the ends together.

Insert in foil wrapped seedlings through the slots

Water strawberries with a funnel

Saplings wrapped in tin foil stuck through the slots (left) and watering the strawberries with a funnel (right)

Fill the sack one-third with potting soil and cut into the fabric two centimeters wide with cross-shaped slits at a distance of 20 centimeters from the bottom and the outside edge. The shoots of the seedlings are loosely wrapped in aluminum foil and inserted to the root ball from the inside through the slots. Now fill in more soil and cut 40 centimeters higher each two new slits in the fabric until the sack is full. For the first watering, it is best to use a funnel and then let the bag rest horizontally for one week until the strawberries are well-grown. Then you can keep the potting soil moist through the opening on the top.

Hanging plant bag

On a sunny, not too hot house wall, the hanging strawberry bed brings surprisingly high yields - and you certainly do not have to share the fruits with the snails!

Hang the bag in place on a sturdy hook. Tip: Pre-made strawberry planting bags are also available in the garden shop.

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