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You can never have enough green ideas: a home-made moss plant box is a great decoration for shady spots. This natural decoration idea does not need much material and only a little skill. So that your planter made of moss can be achieved right away, we will show you step-by-step how to do it.

Material and tools: you need it

working material

You need this material

  • grid wire
  • fresh moss
  • Disc made of plastic glass, for example Plexiglas (about 25 x 50 centimeters)
  • Binding wire, wire cutter
  • Cordless Drills

Step by step: The result is a planter made of moss

Prepare base plate

Cut grid wire

First, the bottom plate is prepared (left), then the required amount of grid wire cut (right)

The bottom plate is a rectangular disc made of plastic glass. If existing slices are too large, they can be reduced by sawing or scratched with a craft knife and carefully broken to the desired size. In order to be able to connect the pane to the moss box later, many small holes are now drilled all around in the edge of the plate. A few extra holes in the middle of the plate eliminate waterlogging. The moss walls get the necessary stability through grid wire. For each of the four side walls, pinch correspondingly wide lattice pieces twice each with the wire cutter.

Spreading moss

Join moss wire plates

Fix moss onto the wire mesh (left) and connect the panels together (right)

Spread the fresh moss flat on the first wire mesh and press well. Then cover with the second grid and wrap all around with binding wire, so that the moss layer is firmly enclosed by two wire mesh. Repeat the work with the remaining pieces of wire until all four moss walls are made. Set up the moss wire plates. Then carefully join the edges together with a thin wire to form a rectangular box.

Insert bottom plate

Connect base plate and wire box

Insert bottom plate (left) and fasten with binding wire to the wire box (right)

Place the plastic glass plate on the moss box as the bottom of the box. Thread the fine binding wire through the glass plate and the moss grate and firmly connect the wire wall box with the bottom plate. Finally, turn over the vessel, plant (in our example, with ostrich fern and sour clover) and set up shady. To keep the moss nice and fresh, spray it regularly with water.

Video Board: DIY Moss Ball Planter - Hanging Garden - Kokedama.

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