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As if the nature every year to help us to say goodbye to the warm season, she gives us colorful autumn leaves. The colorful leaves are not only beautiful to look at, but can also be used for a variety of decorative projects. Here we present a very simple but effective idea to customize tablecloths, curtains, bed linen or various other household textiles. In order for the sprayed-on textile work to be smooth, you should first practice the technique on an old piece of fabric before you tackle the actual project. Glue the leaves as templates with the top on the fabric, because this is usually more level than the bottom and at the edges, the color is not so easy. If the petiole is distracting, simply cut it off with scissors before gluing the leaves.

The material for the table runner

Crafting material table runner autumn look

As a table runner, use a not-too-dark monochrome cotton fabric, so that the contrast between the base color and the white textile spray does not become too strong. A new fabric should be washed at least once before, so that the fiber takes the spray paint well and does not retorque

  • monochrome, light table runner made of cotton (here about 45 x 150 centimeters large)
  • Wrapping paper as a base
  • several dried leaves
  • white textile spray
  • removable spray adhesive (for example from Tesa)

Making table runner in autumn look

Distribute autumn leaves on table runners

Outline spraying autumn leaves with spray paint

The dried leaves are first sprayed thinly with glue on the top and spread evenly on the table runner (left). Then carefully spray the textile dye around the leaves so that there is a hint of white paint on the table runner (right). Then pull the autumn leaves off the fabric and let the table runner dry well

Video Board: Fall Leaves Table Runner.

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