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Are you in control of your garden? So you do not spend much time caring for the garden? Actually you would like to spend much more time in the garden? But you do not just want to sit idly in a deckchair, but would like to meet new challenges in your spare time and also be physically active?
Then you should maybe get yourself a hobby, in which the garden is involved and in which you also move a bit. In addition there are several possibilities, besides sport in the garden and the production of own garden art the creation of own creative breeding is an interesting idea.
If you are interested in the biological and technical fundamentals of creating a new variety of plant, you could complete your knowledge in this area and then go on to create your own varieties.
You could create your own rose variety, unite your most beautiful two rhododendrons in a cross, or develop a whole new variety of Delphinium. Since many of the plants that are planted in our gardens, even by breeding have emerged, there are actually only a few plants that completely escape a breeding attempt. You could also use new varieties of angel trumpets, fuchsias, phlox or hibiscus, for example. No hobby for people who expect a predictable result after following a user guide with five points, but in any case a fascinating occupation.
You could also detach yourself from the individual plant and see your creative activity more system-wide. Then you could create in the garden even thought-out small biotopes, around a natural pond for example. Or, together with your children, you create an artificial ecosystem in a sphere that relies on sunlight in the garden.
You could also concentrate your breeding activity on mushrooms, with the advantage that the result then delights your menu deliciously. The own mushroom cultivation is no longer a specialist reserved area, and such an experiment is definitely fun. The same goes for the creation of a new berry variety...
The garden offers you a lot of opportunity to work creatively. Afterwards you will learn a lot about interesting breeding experiments and the creative handling of new plant varieties.

Crazy World - biosphere and mini-ecosystem for the home

The world in miniature is the dream of many amateur biologists. Reconstructing the geological biosphere so that it fits in a glass of water is already possible in many cases today. You do not need specific expertise for this, because in most cases the necessary background knowledge is provided with basic sets.

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