Creative tip: lanterns with leaves decoration

The Content Of The Article:

On a warm summer's evening, these enchanting lanterns with leafy silhouette create an atmospheric ambience. Even at the garden festival, the colorful glasses with a floral pattern are real eye-catchers and a beautiful table decoration.

You need this material:

A few old marmalade or mason jars, plant parts like filigree leaves or flowers, spray glue and spray paint and (stump) candles.

So easy to succeed the lanterns with foliage decoration:

Spray plant parts with glue

Stick on plant parts

Carefully spray the plant parts with spray adhesive (left) and glue them on the glass (right)

You need single flowers or best leaves. Filigree leaf blades, for example of ash or ferns, are particularly suitable for this decoration idea. Place the plant parts on a base (cardboard) and spray them carefully with spray adhesive. Then glue the leaves on mason jars, disused jam or compote jars. Press it lightly.

Spray lantern

Remove leaves

Spray glasses with colored spray paint (left), allow to dry and then remove sheets (right)

With a spray paint that is suitable for spraying glass, then go over a large area over the glasses and spray them around with the desired color. Different shades of green in combination with yellow or red make a nice picture. In the color choice, however, your imagination knows no bounds! After the specified drying time, you can carefully remove the leaves from the glass. If you need a pair of tweezers, make sure the leaves leave no marks on the glass. Done are lanterns with filigree leaf silhouettes, which provide a candle for an atmospheric light on the garden table.


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