Crop protection sprayers - Which device is the right one?

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There are many different sprayers

When plants have diseases or pests, one often can not avoid using a pesticide. However, certain sprayers are needed for crop protection.

Select sprayers
Even if you should get along without it, it is sometimes necessary to use a pesticide. So that you can also use the appropriate devices for the respective location, we have put together a few important tips for you. After all, there are many different sprayers. Depending on the application, different devices are used here.

Crop protection sprayers

  1. For indoors: If you need to treat plants with preservatives inside your home, on window sills or in the winter garden, then fine sprayers with a capacity of one liter are ideal. They are very easy to transport because of their size and weight.
  2. Small garden: A small front garden has only a few beds and not too many plants. Here you should also resort to a fine sprayer that does not exceed a capacity of two liters. This device is even easier to use because you do not have to refill it all the time.
  3. Medium Garden: Use sprayers that use larger pressure sprayers. This allows you to treat smaller trees very well. The capacity is between three and five liters.
  4. Large garden: Here you come to a piston sprayer that holds at least 15 liters, hardly around. With a little effort, you can spray your plants evenly.

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