Plant cucumbers in the greenhouse

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If the snake cucumbers from their own cultivation reach a height of about 25 centimeters, they are placed at least 60 centimeters away from the next plant to their final place in the bed. The soil should first be enriched with mature compost, because cucumbers need a humus, nutrient-rich, moist as possible place.

Climbing aid for cucumbers

Cords attached to the roof structure of the greenhouse serve up-and-coming cucumber plants as a climbing aid. They are laid spirally around the stems and wrapped with increasing growth again and again. So that no wild growth sets in, all side shoots have to be snapped off shortly after the first flowering. Up to about 60 centimeters high you remove the side shoots completely, so that the fruits do not rest on the ground.

Pour and fertilize

You should only water cucumbers on sunny days - and then not too much and certainly not over the leaves. Do not be too scared when airing. The plants must be dry in the night, so that no fungal diseases settle. Fruit vegetables are particularly susceptible to downy mildew. Since cucumbers are very nutrient-demanding, they receive a weekly fertilization in liquid form - per plant about one liter of nutrient solution after pouring. It is best to use organic liquid fertilizer for vegetable crops and dilute as directed by the manufacturer.

Video Board: How to Grow and Pollinate Greenhouse Cucumbers.

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