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Cucumbers are one of the heavyweights and need a lot of fluid to grow. So that the fruits can develop well and do not taste bitter, you must water the cucumber plants regularly and sufficiently.
The composition and condition of the soil also influences how often cucumbers need to be watered: The soil should be rich in humus and loose, warm slightly and store enough moisture. Because: Cucumbers are Flachwurzler and air hungry. If the irrigation water drips too fast because the soil is very permeable, the cucumber roots have only a short time window to pick up liquid from the soil. Condensation and waterlogging, on the other hand, also harm the vegetables and may be the reason why only a few, too little or no fruits develop.

So that cucumbers have a uniform soil moisture available, they must be watered in time. Always water the vegetables in the morning, using warm water that has been previously collected, for example in a rain barrel or a watering can. The lukewarm or ambient warm rain water is important so that the cucumber plants do not suffer a cold shock. In addition, the tap water does not get the summer vegetables, as it is often very hard and calcareous. As an indication: per harvested cucumber a cucumber plant needs during the entire growing phase twelve liters of water.

Pour cucumbers

Water the cucumber plants best in the morning

If possible, only sprinkle around the root area and save the leaves, as moist leaves may favor infestation with diseases such as downy mildew. For cucumbers, it is also recommended to mulch the soil with a layer of grass or straw. This prevents too much evaporation and protects against premature drying out of the soil.
Pay attention to regular watering, because too dry a culture can easily lead to powdery mildew and bitter fruit. In snake cucumbers, also called cucumbers, which are grown mainly in the greenhouse, you should constantly ensure a humid microclimate. Ideal is a humidity of 60 percent. Therefore, spray the paths in the greenhouse several times a day with water on hot days.
If you follow these rules and other tips for cultivating cucumbers, and if the cucumber plants fertilize twice a year with a strengthening plant gout, such as nettle gruel, as soon as the first fruits are formed, there is nothing to prevent a rich cucumber harvest.


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