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In the vegetable garden it is worthwhile to draw irrigation ditches between the rows. So the water slowly trickles directly to the roots. Very convenient for many vegetables that prefer not to be poured from the top. (Tomatoes, for example) In the vegetable garden, it is also important to regularly weeds, which otherwise take away the strength of the vegetables. Frequent hacking facilitates the work here.
The care in the vegetable garden also includes the collection of pests, especially caterpillars are often found in vegetables. Nasturtium lures caterpillars, and aphids away from the vegetables. Against snails can be prepared by planting plants as a border, the snails do not like
In order for everything to flourish and thrive in the vegetable garden, a constant care is necessary. Maintaining the vegetable garden means removing weeds, planting suitable vegetables together, digging, fertilizing with natural fertilizers such as cow dung... What you should pay attention to and tips can be found here.
In the following you will learn interesting facts about organic cultivation in the garden, about green manuring, mixed culture and much more. Especially the ecological cultivation is on the rise. It dispenses with chemistry, whether fertilizers or pest control. This is more complex, but also much healthier. It does not only do a great favor to his health and that of his family, but also to insects and small animals in the garden and ultimately also to other people. From the garden no chemical toxins penetrate the soil and get into the groundwater, everything stays clean, biologically level. Almost all types of vegetables can be grown this way.
What to look out for when taking care of the vegetable garden and many useful tips can be found on the following pages.

Cultivate vegetable garden: cultivate

Piquing vegetables: Information for vegetables such as spinach, corn & co

Many gardeners pull their vegetables on the windowsill or in the greenhouse in the spring. After some time, the seedlings must be separated by pikieren. This measure is essential for survival, so that they can develop healthy and strong.

Cultivate vegetable garden: vegetable garden

Peeling hot peppers from seeds - instructions until harvest

The cultivation of crunchy hot peppers is extremely popular among many hobby gardeners. Rightly so! - Because the colorful fruits of the pepper plants beautify not only the vegetable patch, but are also very tasty. Anyone who prefers rare or special types of hot peppers may prefer them with a comparatively small amount of work.

Cultivate vegetable garden: vegetable garden

Vegetables - Information for Paprika, Physalis, Cucumbers & Co

Giving vegetables or not - this is where ghosts divide. The care measure is to direct the energy of the plants on the education of fruits and thereby increase the yield. There is no scientific proof, but convincing empirical values. The important thing when casting is the right approach, the appropriate instructions can be found here.

Cultivate vegetable garden: vegetable

Planting peas on the balcony: simply grow in a pot

Far-Eastern flair flows through the kitchen when the hobby gardener processes fresh, crispy sugar pods for his Asian balcony garden. But the savory variant of the pea pod also complements every vegetable dish. The question remains: How are peas grown in pots so that they also thrive on the balcony?

Cultivate vegetable garden: vegetable garden

Kohlrabi plants: sowing, care, harvest time and storage

Kohlrabi impress with their juicy-fresh and spicy taste, which is why more and more hobby gardeners grow the tasty vegetables in their home garden. Thanks to their short vegetation period and the low maintenance costs, the vegetable plant can also be easily grown by beginners.

Cultivate vegetable garden: cultivate

Cultivating celery - this is how the cultivation of celery leaves succeeds

Leaf celery - also called perennial or cut celery - is an aromatic and spicy herb that is suitable for tasty decorating, as an ingredient in soups, salads and herb butter and can be freshly harvested directly in the kitchen or the garden. The instructions for growing the leaf celery are available here.

Cultivate vegetable garden: vegetable garden

Cultivating celery - sowing, care and harvest of celery

Celery is healthy and should also be good for libido. No wonder the perennial vegetables in our gardens are very popular. If you observe a few basic rules, the cultivation is not a problem. What is really important and how to proceed is here.

Cultivate vegetable garden: vegetable garden

Grow cucumbers - grow cucumber plants from seeds

The cucumbers, with their impressively high water content of 95 percent, are among the most commonly cultivated vegetables. No wonder, because they are in the face, as on the plate equally popular. For every hobby gardener, gardener, the fresher the more taste and vitamins.

Cultivate vegetable garden: cultivate

What is a monoculture? - Definition, disadvantages and examples

Flowering rapeseed fields, extending seemingly endless over the North German plains, are a magnificent sight in spring as well as a popular photo opportunity. However, not all viewers are aware that such monoculture carries considerable risks. For this reason, the intensification of agriculture and thus an expansion of monocultures is very critical.

Cultivate vegetable garden: vegetable

Planting celery in the vegetable garden - instructions

Cultivating celery in the vegetable garden is very easy with the right knowledge, because the bright celery is resistant and easy to care for. Only at the beginning does it take a little effort to lay the ideal foundation for the aromatic vegetables. Here is the appropriate guide.

Growing vegetable plants in peat pots - instructions

An enriching experience for every hobby gardener is their own vegetable garden, from which spring can be harvested abundantly from spring to autumn. The cultivation of the various vegetable plants can easily be done in peat pots. These are simply planted into the vegetable patch when the young shoots have become strong and big enough.

Green manure for the vegetable garden

Green matter in conjunction with the corresponding soil bacteria becomes a nutrient for vegetable cultivation. Hobby gardeners can benefit greatly from green manure. We explain how it works.

Cucumber Cultivation - Tips for Greenhouse and Outdoors

When picking cucumbers, a distinction must be made between the cucumbers, which thrive best in a greenhouse, and the outdoor cucumbers, which are usually pickled and processed into sour cucumbers.

Celeriac - Cultivation, Recipes, Preparation

Celeriac is used in the kitchen very diverse, but in most use more as an ingredient in the soup or in the salad, you can start with celeriac much more. Read our recipe tips.

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