Current prices for wooden beams

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Prices for wooden beams

The building material wood can enjoy great popularity. Already our ancestors used wood for the construction of entire houses and even today wood is used again.
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Prices for wood vary greatly. Wood is offered in various designs.
As there are also a variety of wood species, prices vary greatly. Furthermore, a distinction is made for which areas the wood is used. Wood for interior design, which also has a high optical value, is usually more expensive than timber, which is not visible and mainly serves the stability.
Which wood is used for a wooden beam ceiling?
In the interior, a wooden beam ceiling is a typical use for wood. Wooden beamed ceilings are available especially in old houses. And in new homes, people are increasingly relying on this type of floor slab. Of course certain conditions are attached to this type of beam. Not every wood is suitable for a wooden beam ceiling.
If you want to save, you can opt for used wooden beams. These become very numerous
offered and of course not as much as new wooden beams. But you should look very carefully, so you do not get ripped off and in the end buys exactly the same wood, what you really wanted to exchange for something better.
What matters in the pricing of wooden beams?
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Prices for wooden beams differ immensely. Beams are generally calculated by size and, of course, by the wood from which they are made. For wood beam ceilings, for example, oak wood comes into question. This is either measured by meters or already sold as a finished beam. If you buy from the timber trade, the beams are cut to order. Here, the price is usually calculated by length.
Another possibility is the calculation according to room meters. However, this finds its application more in the purchase of firewood. What the prices are and how they ultimately turn out varies from provider to provider and from region to region. An average cubic meter price for a timber beam is 250 euros.

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