Curtain wire rope - secure attachment in 4 steps

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Curtain wire rope - secure attachment in 4 steps

Hanging curtains on a steel cable is very modern and gives the fabrics a certain lightness. For this type of attachment, there are commercially available rope clamping systems with all the necessary accessories.
They are particularly suitable for light fabrics, because in very heavy curtains, the rope can sag quickly, which is why for heavy fabrics better a curtain rod should be used.
The necessary tool for fixing
A commercially available wire rope tightening kit usually contains the two supports, which are either fixed to the wall or to the ceiling, the steel cable, the necessary fastening material and usually also a hexagon wrench, which is needed to fix the steel cable. Hooks on which the curtain is hung later are sometimes included in these sets, but sometimes they have to be purchased separately as accessories.
In addition, the following tools should be available:
  • ladder
  • Folding rule or tape measure
  • pencil
  • drilling machine
  • hammer
  • Cordless screwdriver or screwdriver
  • pincers
And so fasten your curtain steel rope
  1. First attach the two supports for the rope tensioning system. From the ceiling and from the corner of the room, measure with the ruler the necessary distance to the center of the beams. These carriers have several holes that you can mark with the pencil when you hold the carriers on the marker.

  2. Then drill the holes with an 8 mm masonry drill bit for
    the dowels. Beat
    Use the hammer to screw the dowels into the wall and fasten the supports with screws as long as possible so that the dowels are not pulled out of the wall later by the tension of the rope. After the supports have been screwed to the wall, the cover, if any, can be placed thereon.

  3. At the rod, which looks out from the carriers, the steel rope is fastened. For this purpose, the screws must be loosened with a hexagonal wrench, which is usually already included in such rope tensioning systems. Then the rope is inserted into the bar on one side and fixed with the screws.

  4. On the other side, the steel cable is cut with a pair of pliers and then inserted into the rod and screwed tight. However, it should be remembered that possibly the attachment hooks or the curtain itself must first be mounted on the steel cable.

The suspension of the curtain
As far as a curtain has loops, it can run directly on the steel cable. In this case, no hooks are necessary, but a bit awkward is the washing of the curtain, because each time the steel cable must be solved. More practical are rope hooks that run on the steel cable and in which the curtain is hung. Curtains are suitable for this purpose, which have eyelets on the upper hem.

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