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Doubtful growing conditions, long transport routes, moderate quality - those who like cut flowers, but no longer want to buy them tied up in a pack of ten, now have the opportunity to easily grow their favorite flowers in their own garden.

For this, the plot does not have to be big. Take advantage of existing gaps. Just two, three narrow, sunny stripes are enough to try out for zinnias, jewelry baskets and summer asters. Marigolds frame beds and paths, sunflowers and scented peaches rise up on the fence. The workload is manageable. As soon as frost is no longer expected, annuals can be sown directly in the bed. Also for summer flowering bulbous bulbous plants such as dahlias and lilies, the planting season begins in late spring. Cheerful, colorful bouquets are best made from five or six different summer flowers.

Mixed flower garden

The mixed discounts are so dense that sunflowers, nettle, girl's eye 'Moonbeam', tall verbena, coneflower and cosmeen are so dense that they regularly steal fresh flowers for the vase

Tips for bouquets from the garden

Sort the cut flowers sorted for binding sorted. Many perennials such as sun hat, sun bride, daisies and larkspur also provide durable flowers. Often, the plants bloom even longer and richer, if you make them a little bit again and again. For cutting, the early morning offers. Use sharp scissors or knives to squeeze soft stems as little as possible. The lower leaves are stripped, so the vase water stays fresh longer.

Varied flower garden

Wildflower bouquet

A look into this sea of ​​flowers (left) shows what summer has to offer in terms of colors and shapes. Phlox, sun bride, perennial sunflower, girl's eye and yarrow provide countless flowers for gorgeous bouquets and arrangements. Provide freshly cut flowers (right) with water immediately

The color, shape and size of the vessels used depend on the style of the arrangements. Garden flowers are mainly simple glass vases, simple bottles, zinc and enamel pots well. Threatening the flower bundle to fall apart, help help transparent adhesive strips that cross over the vase opening. Only a relatively small amount of water, which is often renewed, and a regular fresh cut contribute to a long vase life.

Colorful bouquet

Simple bouquet

Colorful or rather monochrome? Soon it blooms so abundantly in the garden that on the fly several colorful bouquets (left) are bound for the house and the terrace. The selection of flowers can also be done in one color only. In our example (right) bishop's cabbage (Ammi majus) was combined with jewelry baskets and blackberry branches

For lazy-tipped cut flowers such as marigolds and dahlias need daily new water, otherwise the flowers are quickly over. Since the pollen leaves some cut flowers, such as lilies, orange yellow spots, you can cut out the stamens carefully. A few ornamental grasses loosen the bouquets, fragrant rose petals are a great addition. Leaf perennials such as Hosta and Lady's Mantle provide nice companion plants. Gypsophila (Gypsophila), which is white and pink flowering (for example 'Flamingo' and 'Rose Veil'), is responsible for abundance in a sunny spot in the bed.

An adornment for home and garden: six right for cut flower fans


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Cut flowers from the garden: flowers

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Cut flowers for the vase

Cut flowers from the garden: flower

Zinnia: With solid, long stems, the colorful summer flower guarantees long vase fun. Once the stamens are well formed in the flower center, the best time to cut is

Cut flowers from the garden: flowers

Phlox: Even if the flowering time in the garden lasts longer, the phlox enriches every colorful summer bouquet with rural charm

Cut flowers from the garden: flowers

Coneflower (Echinacea): The valuable perennial captivates bees, bumblebees, butterflies and florists. Really great are also many new varieties in red, yellow and orange

Cut flowers from the garden: garden

Indian armchair: The standing in several floors flowers look very decorative and are durable. Only with snails they are less popular

Cut flowers from the garden: bouquets

Sonnenhut (Rudbeckia hirta): The one-year-old namesake will be sown at the end of April in the field. The robust plant is characterized by a particularly long shelf life as a cut flower

Cut flowers from the garden: flowers

Cosmea: Like Zinnias, the fine-leaved, pink and white flowering jewelry baskets can be sown directly into the open. With a stature height of up to 120 centimeters, they also fill large vases



Sun hat (Echinacea)

cut flowers

Sun hat (Rudbeckia hirta)


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