Cyclamen: Harbingers of Spring

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In February it begins to develop its violet-colored or crimson flowers. Since it is still quite cool for the delicate leaves at this time, the early spring cyclamen prefers a sheltered place. Best under a shrub or near a wall.


There is even a white-flowered variety, the Cyclamen coum 'Album'. It grows preferentially in birch and pine forests. She becomes - like her red-flowered sisters 'Rubrum' and 'Rosea' - a delicate ten inches high and does not tolerate moisture. Cyclamen coum 'Silver Leaf' belongs to the foliage-cyclamen, which also bloom in early spring. It stands out with its silvery leaves as a special feature.

Cyclamen white

Also in white we are charmed by the early spring cyclamen


In winter-mild areas, the flowers of different colors open already in December. As a flowering potted plant, the early spring cyclamen is then offered in the nursery. But you can also buy the tubers in autumn and put them about three to four inches deep in permeable soil. Then soon show his round or heart-shaped leaves.

Location and care

The little flower star feels most comfortable among deciduous trees, which let in a lot of light in spring. The soil should be permeable and humus. After flowering in March, the plants move in again and then reappear next year. But you do not have to wait that long. Because from about April / May the next cyclamen is already waiting for us. It is a cross between different cyclamen species and is called Cyclamen x perpuris 'Odorella'. It is suitable for the terrace, the balcony, the garden, as well as for the conservatory when it is heated to about 20 degrees Celsius. Just like the early spring cyclamen, it is perennial and retains its leaves even in mild climates. A nice addition to the pretty flowers of the 'Odorella' is her lovely scent, as her name suggests (lat. "Odor" = scent).

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