Cypress - care, cutting of cypress trees

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Bald cypress - Taxodium distichum

The true cypress, also called Mediterranean Cypress, tolerates even a little dryness, and temperatures down to about -15° C, but only with sufficient winter protection. Therefore, the true cypress is more suitable for the milder winegrowing regions. So you can bring the cypress hedges well in shape and hold. From the fruits of the cypresses oil is produced, which is often used in herbal medicine.

There are many different types of cypresses and false cypresses available at nurseries and at the nurseries. For new plants, plants with a height of about 1 meter are ideal. Do not plant too close. Since cypresses are relatively fast-growing, a dense hedge soon forms. Coveted varieties are Scheinzypressen, with steel-blue needles, with hanging growth, but also dwarf cypress. The dwarf varieties are also very suitable for large pots or troughs.

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