Plant daffodils in the pot - this is how they thrive in the home

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You want to get the spring into the house or on the balcony? Then plant daffodils in the pot. This is really easy.

Daffodils also thrive in the pot

Daffodils or daffodils are among the first flowers to bloom in the garden, thus ringing in spring. They grow mainly in the garden of onions. They also thrive in the glass and in the pot very well. Flower pots with pretty yellow flowers embellish the balcony and windowsill. All you have to do is do some preliminary work and select the right pot. Then the yellow flowers in spring nothing stands in the way.

Choose the right pot

When gardening, deep-set narcissus bulbs are protected from the cold. So, if you want to put onions in a pot or flower box, the pot needs to be big enough and, above all, sufficiently deep. The onions should be placed at least five centimeters deep. Recommended are pots with a diameter from 20 centimeters, so you can put several onions. In the group, the yellow flowers are simply the most beautiful!

Preparation in the fall

Prepare the flowers for next spring already in autumn. For this you need pots, normal potting soil and onions. Narcissus bulbs can be set in several "stages":

  1. A layer of damp earth.
  2. Onions.
  3. Another layer of earth.
  4. Again onions.
  5. Cover with soil.
  6. The conclusion is a thin layer of sand.

By spring, the vessels are best kept in a sheltered corner, covered with leaves or peat. The spaces between the bulbs should be filled with foliage. So the pots are frost-protected and the onions have good conditions for germination. You do not need watering during the winter. Only when the stems and leaves show, daffodils need water and occasionally fertilizer.

Plant preferred daffodils in the pot

Faster and less space-consuming grow early narcissus plants that you get cheap in the spring everywhere. Put the plants in loose potting soil. You do not need to pay attention to a planting depth.

Daffodils like it cool and are a nice eye-catcher on the balcony, the terrace or in a decorative container on the front door. The room should not be too warm. Caution is especially important when you are still heating and the narcissus pots are on the windowsill above the heater.

Care during the flowering phase

Always keep the soil slightly moist. So that no waterlogging arises, the pots must have a drain hole. If the heating air is dry, watering is particularly important, otherwise the plants will quickly dry up.

Early daffodils need no fertilizer. For self-planted onions occasional use of liquid fertilizer makes sense.

And after flowering?

Make sure in the garden or onions and put back in pots in the fall! Bloomed daffodils you can put in the garden right away, then they drive out again next year. Otherwise leave the leaves and stems in the pot until they turn yellow, peel off easily and peel off. Do not cut it off! Allow onions to dry and store in a jar loosely covered with soil until the new plug-in time begins in autumn.


  • Put onions in sufficiently large pots in autumn
  • Keep pots outside covered with leaves
  • Plant selected onions in pots directly in spring
  • Water plants and flowering plants regularly

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