Daffodils multiply - 2 simple ways presented

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If daffodils suddenly bloom only sparsely, it makes sense to divide the plants and thus multiply. But there is also another possibility for that.

Daffodils multiply by themselves

Daffodils generally multiply spontaneously in the garden, because the onions form daughter onions. So you do not have to do anything. But if the flowering pleases, or if you also want to have daffodils in another outdoor area, you can dig up the rhizome and remove the newly formed onions. If you want to make it even easier, you can also multiply the daffodils with seeds.

❍ Option 1 - Share daffodils

The right time:

Wait until the flowering phase is over. Only when the foliage is yellow and retracted are the bulbs so wide that they can be easily split. This is usually the case several weeks after flowering. Narcissus plants, which have been growing for several years, become denser over time and flower less frequently. Then the sharing helps to give the plant new strength.

How to do it:

Gently lift the entire plant out of the ground with a grave fork. Now you see old and new onions at the root ball. Several new ones have formed around the original onion. Carefully remove the daughter onions with your hand. Put the original plant back in the same place. She needs plenty of fertilizer to help her recover quickly.

The newly collected onions can be placed fresh in groups of four to six onions anywhere in the garden - either immediately or only in the fall. For this, store the young onions in a dark place (for example in the cellar) in a container filled with soil. The bigger the young onions, the better the growth and thus the new flowering.

For old and young onions:

Compost in the soil increases prosperity and flowering. Daffodils grow especially well in the sun and partial shade. In addition, daffodils thrive in the pot very well.

❍ Option 2 - multiply daffodils by seeds

In cultivated forms, it is usually not possible to multiply the flowers by seeds. On the other hand, varieties that are specially marked as "for spoilage" are well suited.

How to do it:

As a garden lover, you do not need to do anything - the plants do it all by themselves. Because after flowering, the stems tend to the ground, with the seeds falling into the ground. In the next year then show young plants, which, however, are not yet blooming. Only in the year after next, the first flowers show up, until after a while a dense narcissus carpet is created.

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