Daffodils: The right time to plant the spring messengers

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Daffodils (Narcissus), commonly known as daffodils, are best planted from September to October. As long as the ground has not yet frozen, you can put the onions into the early winter. You will be rewarded in the spring with bright yellow flowers that ring in the next garden season from February to May. Daffodils can be placed in any normal garden soil or in any conventional potting soil - provided that the site is beautifully sunny and not too wet during the resting phase of the bulbs. The plants, which are very sturdy in nature, rotten more easily during this time. Daffodils can be kept in bed, pot or balcony box.

Plant daffodils properly

Daffodil planting is based on the size of the onion: Always dig a hole that is twice as deep as the narcissus bulb. As a planting aid, we recommend an onion bur, which makes digging easier. In general, you need a hole of about 10 to 15 centimeters deep.

Lift planting holes with the onion piercer

With an onion piercer, planting holes for daffodils can be easily lifted

For heavy, loamy, impermeable or clayey soils, it is advisable to apply a drainage layer of sand down in the planting hole. Put the onions in pots or flower boxes, a layer of expanded clay is advisable. To avoid stagnant moisture.

Expanded clay for better drainage

Also in the pot culture of daffodils, we recommend below a drainage layer, for example, from expanded clay to fill

Daffodil bulbs with the tip up in the soil and gently squeeze them so that they stop. After refilling the hole with fresh soil, you can also press it lightly.

Set narcissus bulbs

The bulbs of the daffodils are put upside down in the soil

If you are planting several daffodils next to each other, always maintain a planting distance of at least five centimeters. If you put the onions too tight, no bulky bulbs develop.
Finally, the daffodils are well-poured. So close the gaps in the soil and the plants can root well.

Variety and cultivation tips

Low varieties of angel tears daffodils and tazettes look particularly beautiful in a sunny rock garden. In the bed, in the company of tulips or the first flowering perennials, tall, large-flowered trumpet daffodils such as 'Golden Harvest' like.


In a daffodil meadow, the bulbs are planted directly into the lawn and spring out every spring an increasingly dense yellow carpet

A beautiful view of a narcissus meadow. Many daffodils can be planted in lawns and meadows, where they then become wild. Or in other words, they continue to spread over daughter onions and form larger stocks over the years. In this way the yellow carpet of flowers grows larger from year to year. We recommend the white, fragrant poetic daffodils 'Actaea' or the varieties 'Tête à Tête' and 'Las Vegas', which feel well in the shade and diligently train daughter onions. Another tip: If you have planted daffodils in the lawn or in a meadow, you should wait with the mowing of the surface until the narcissus leaves have withered.

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