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Dahlias can not be planted in the garden until May. Before that you should advance the dahlias. You can read here how it works.

It is best to always drive dahlias

Dahlias must be wintered every year in a frost-free room and may only be planted in the field after the ice saints (mid / end of May). However, if you drift your dahlias from March in a cool and light-flooded room, you will achieve more robustness and a lush flowerage in the plants. Even snail-eating you need less fear in driven dahlias. It is best to exercise your dahlias as described below.

Driving dahlias

Pot dahlias:

To drive you have to plant the winter dahlias from March in a clay pot. Use only good substrate! Then you have to put the pots to a window, the room temperature should not exceed 15 degrees. During the drive you should always supply the dahlias with only a little water.

To move dahlias to the field:

After the Eisheiligen you can then move the driven dahlias as usual into the field. Use the respective tuber about 5 to 10 centimeters deep and if possible do not or only very slightly. The first flowers form due to the projection then already from June.

" Tip:

The dahlias should best transplant from the pots with the already used substrate. Just put it in the planting hole.

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