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Those who regularly fertilize their dahlias and provide them with the right nutrients, can look forward to a long flowering period, which may last from June to the first frost depending on the variety and planting time. With their colorful blossoms, they keep your mood in the garden or in the pot on the balcony or terrace. We have summarized the following for you how best to fertilize dahlias in the field or pot culture.

How to fertilize dahlias in the bed

In order to fertilize garden dahlias, we recommend to use organic fertilizers: this releases its nutrients only slowly. On mineral fertilizers that accelerate plant growth, you should refrain. They increase susceptibility to disease in dahlias. It is best to add a handful of horn shavings to the planting hole when planting. You can also mix the excavated material with some compost before refilling it. If the soil in your garden has a low pH and is therefore very acidic, you can easily improve it with a little bit of lime. If it is light and very sandy, you should re-fertilize your garden dahlias in summer.

Plant and fertilize dahlias

Garden dahlias are best fertilized directly at planting for the first time

The right fertilizer for dahlias in the pot

Low-growing dahlia varieties such as pompon dahlia, mignon dahlia or ruffian dahlia are great for pot culture and thrive on sunny terraces and balconies just as well as in the garden. However, if you cultivate dahlia in the pot, you will need significantly more fertilizer than your colleagues in the bed and should be fertilized continuously from June through August. Once a week, administer the dahlias with phosphate-rich liquid fertilizer over the irrigation water. Commercially available flowering or balcony flower fertilizer usually meets these requirements.
Although you can use conventional potting soil as a substrate for dahlias in pot culture, we recommend mixing them with some cornmeal. As a guideline: On a liter of soil is a generous tablespoon full of horn meal. Thus, the dahlias are supplied in the planter with the required nitrogen.

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